there has already been many posts about ferguson floating around my dashboard but for those like me who can’t protest or donate or do a lot to simply help, or even for those than can, i’ve put links to a few petitions below. please, just take a moment to sign one or maybe all of them. i’m sorry to be tagging this so irrelevantly but one post trying to make a slight difference won’t harm you, and this is more important than helping people with roleplay or finding a roleplay to join. yes, all lives matter, but black lives matter more today and they will tomorrow. thank you.

here, here, here.

Hi! I’m currently looking for an 1x1 partner! I really want those late nights in which we talk about plots. Also! We would randomly headcanon all the time. And, of course, someone who won’t die on me. If you’re up for it! Come hit me up!


After receiving all of the apps, I’ve decided this will be an 11x11 12x12 to start off with! If you did not make it, please, don’t be discouraged! If you pick another face claim, we will be expanding in the near future, depending on how the next day or so goes. And for those who were accepted— CONGRATULATIONS! I loved every single one of your characters and I can’t wait to see how they come into play. Please get in your accounts by midnight tomorrow, hopefully sooner, and I will be releasing them once I get at least ten. Make sure to post an intro in the flakeintro tag and welcome your fellow members! Thank you all for applying, I can’t wait to start RPing with you! Acceptances are under the cut. Again, I can’t thank you all enough for applying.

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Thank you, but it’s not even about that. As people in general, you don’t wanna hear those words thrown around, and I apologize on my behalf if anybody took offense. I know it doesn’t change things, but they all at least deserve an apology. Thank you again for sending this in — it just would be completely illogical to not shed light on the situation, petal.