My dad is being awarded a service medal for his lifelong work with the Boy Scouts. He’s visibly moved by this–more than I think I’ve ever seen before. This is a man who has a commendation from NASA for his work, and has had an actual minor planet named after him. His heart is in the woods, romping around with the kids.

Ognuno all'inizio è una nave inaffondabile.
Poi ci succedono alcune cose :
persone che ci lasciano, che non ci amano, che non ci capiscono o che noi non capiamo, e ci prediamo, sbagliamo, ci facciamo del male, gli uni con gli altri.
E lo scafo comincia a creparsi.
E quando si rompe non c'è niente da fare, la fine è inevitabile.
Però c'è un sacco di tempo tra quando le crepe cominciano a formarsi e quando andiamo a pezzi.
Ed è sono in quel momento che possiamo vederci, perché vediamo fuori di noi dalle nostre fessure e dentro gli altri attraverso le loro.
—  John Green Paper towns

I enjoyed Bang-Bang-a-Boom! very much when I listened to it before, but I must say, a knowledge of Star Trek has improved it immensely.

Understanding about 50% more of the jokes really does help. (I was barely even aware of the existence of DS9 when I first listened to it, and look at me now.) Star Trek references are everywhere, from Dark Space Eight to the style of technobabble to specific episodes mentioned. The sound design was Star Trek-y. Even the cover is a Star Trek reference.

(And I’m sure if I watched Space 1999 and various other shows I’d pick up even more references that currently go right over my head.)

Anyway, fabulous audio. Especially recommended for those with a fondness for Eurovision and Star Trek, but also for anyone in favor of silly romps.

El corazón se tropieza, se cae, se rompe, se hace trizas, llega hacerse polvo, pero es tan audaz que sigue teniendo la esperanza y confía en siempre…seguir latiendo por igual.

Did you know that the collective noun for ferrets is “business”? Back in 2008 M. Dakota Corbeau had a business of 14 ferrets and filmed this awesome video of them cavorting and frolicking in a kiddie pool full of packing peanuts. The sheer delight they take in romping around in that pool is contagious. Please excuse us while we seek out the nearest ball pit. It’s time to play.

[via Neatorama]

Denim and Florals

(iAnyWear jacket, Mango top, Romp shorts, Gold Dot wedges, Romwe sunnies) Hype this look on Lookbook here. Thanks to my friend Tracy for helping me with these photos!

Another one of my cliche spring/summer combinations. Denim and floral prints are two separate spring/summer staples, and pairing them together create a very pleasant contrast between sweet and edgy. 

I’ve had these denim shorts since about 2007, and thank goodness they still fit me! TBH, I was quite afraid to try them on after so long, thinking that I may have gained weight since then. But genetics has been very kind to me and my siblings - most of our items from way, way back still fit us until now. Phew! Saves us a lot of time and effort buying bigger or smaller sizes. Thanks mom and dad! We’re all dreading that moment when gravity and age finally decide to take their toll on us! T_T

On a related note, I finally got a perfect-fitting floral bomber jacket! It’s not too thick so I can wear it often without sweating like mad. Fast forward to next week, please? Looking forward to spring weather in Japan!


Bonus video for MAN ENOUGH. Thanks PinstripeHourglass!