What ‘VII’ means to Teyana & Her Supporters….

Some of you may still be confused as to what the term, title, & roman numeral ‘VII’ symbolizes. It isn’t just a roman numeral to Teyana or her fans, it doesn’t just mean “seven”. It symbolizes the number of years Teyana has been able to live her dream as an artist & the number of years she struggled to have people believe in her, the number of years she showed strength to all around her no matter the nay-sayers.
Unfortunately, her fans have had to wait for 7 years for an official full body of work (aside from her mixtape the misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor.) But fortunately, we’ve all been patient & now we’re only one month & 3 days away from what may be the best day of Teyana’s life thus far.
I only hope that you all give her a chance to present her album to us the right way, listen to it, & relate to it because she deserves that. You all have thought that she is the reason that it’s taken 7 years to get here but it’s the complete opposite, she faught for this & deserves a fair chance! I promise you she won’t disappoint & i’m sure of this because I KNOW how important this is to her, it has her name on it & anyone who knows Teyana knows she gives 1000 % …
So in a nutshell ‘VII’ means the year of completion, the fight, love, blood, sweat, tears, hustle, ambition & everything else TEYANA TAYLOR embodies. I, on a personal level am asking for you all to go out & get this album on NOVEMBER 4TH, 2014 it will be available in stores, on itunes, & google play!

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Watch on legenddabeatslaya.tumblr.com

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iTunes preview of all songs on Jessie J’s new album Sweet Talker (Deluxe edition), out October 14th worldwide. Pre-order the album here: itunes.apple.com/cz/album/sweet-talker/id911396506


1. Ain’t Been Done

2. Burnin’ Up ft. 2 Chainz

3. Sweet Talker

4. Bang Bang (Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj)

5. Fire

6. Personal

7. Masterpiece

8. Seal Me With A Kiss ft. De La Soul

9. Said Too Much

10. Loud ft. Lindsey Stirling

11. Keep Us Together

12. Get Away

13. Your Loss I’m Found

14. Strip

15. You Don’t Really Know Me