susie anderson teaches a poetry class at RMIT university in melbourne & she asked me to send her a video of me reading poetry for her students. this is what i sent her.


Robo and Dino is finally online!

Robo and Dino is a 3D animated short film created as part of the major assignment required in Animation and Interactive Media (Bachelor of Design) at RMIT University.

Story and Animation by Aileen Marie Bayaca

Produced by Mark Lycette

“The Bear And The Sparrow” Soundtrack by Chris Collins

Sound Mix by Markus Kellow

Supervised by Helen Dickson & James Berrett

I need your support dear followers. My student film Robo and Dino is online at TOFF The Online Film Festival! You can watch and vote for it daily over here:

Help me out plz :) :)

Hey! I’m a Canadian student and I want to go to Australia on a foreign exchange in 2015 for a semester (February to June, I believe). My school offers three different options for host schools in three different cities - could anybody give me any info/opinions/whatever on any of the locations and/or the schools? weather/climate, cost of living, school reputations, music scene, general likability of the place and the people, etc. etc. etc. Anything helps!

Curtin University in Perth

RMIT University in Melbourne

University of South Australia in Adelaide

Thanks!! Which should I choose and why?