Bare breasted in front of the Icelandic Parliament these girls are just a small portion of the massive amount of Icelandic woman that decided to neglect their tops today and protest the way society looks differently at men and women when it comes to being topless. This is not only making barebrestedness more acceptable but also lessening the threats of sexual hate or revenge crimes.

Today the enjoyed their freedom and freed the nipple on twitter under the #FreeTheNipple 

Icelandic girls you are the best 

go out and do some positive shit. even if its just making a garden together and passing out what you grow. blog about the process. make a little zine about the experience. go to protests together. find other people doing positive shit and be friends with them. go to events as a group. find more people doing positive shit. invite them to your garden. grow your group. go to events together. meet more people. FIND EACH OTHER.

I don’t think it’s an accident that we have all these Black artists who were born around the same time and who are now making art that urges on liberation. America produced us. If there’s any clarity that we can derive from the different stories being told—whether J. Cole’s populist approach or Kendrick’s tales of sacrifice—it’s that a lot of people are fed up. That all of these albums have allusions, both obvious and obscure, to liberation music from previous generations tells us how long Black people have been fighting. The music we’re discussing is so beautiful and so layered that, notwithstanding the subject matter, it makes these explorations delightful.

Some of my professors

tell me that the problems

in the world

are simply

too big to fix

They tell me to stop trying

to change the world.


I have not

been much of an


That stage of my life has not come yet-

but I have been thinking

without limits,

without constraints,

without their


Their chains

entrap your thinking.

Definitions, labels,

and misconceptions.

It is simple.

It is either love

or it is hate.

What I’ve found is that

the solutions are quite

simple. Even when using

the oppressor’s language

and monetary methods.

They tell me

that there is no hope

as their eyes

are stuck to their screens.

Men tackling each other,

women not being respected,

or anything else.

It makes no difference.

These people on the screens

make unfathomable amounts

of money -

enough to save an entire village

better yet, an entire country.

Tell me again professor

who is to blame.

Tell me again where your mind


Please professor -

Tell me. 

I am sitting in a rocking chair holding my baby, thinking about the times when I will style her hair, take her shopping for the first time, and teach her everything I know about makeup.

On the other side of the world in India, a woman is giving labor - praying & screaming, “Dear God, Please don’t let it be a girl!”… And when it is, a body part she has no control over being born with becomes the reason why an innocent infant is suffocated to death.

Meanwhile, 8,000 miles from there, I sit and watch the rising and falling of my little girl’s chest.

—  a.p.//“The three deadliest words in many parts of the world are: “it’s a girl“, but I believe we can change that.” (”It’s A Girl!” Documentary Directed by Evan Grae Davis)

In the late 1970s institutionalists in sociology directed a substantial amount of attention to the topic of revolution, but bringing about social change through something that can be called revolution is something that has preoccupied social theorists and activists for a long time. Here are handful of select quotes.

Follow this link to find a short video featuring Angela Davis who shares her views on the meaning of revolution and violence


The Revolution Will Not Be YouTubed

As GooTube goes on an AdSense purge of alt media we take a moment to remember that the entire “free and open” internet as we know it is just a flick of a switch away from total censorship. From censorship “bibles” and manipulated news feeds to bury brigades and disappearing front pages, viral truth content is already under attack. Are you prepared?

Reclaim Holy Week

Holy Week has been sanitized to diminish the revolutionary impulse of Jesus’ actions. Palm Sunday has been relegated to making crosses with leaves instead of talking about how the fact that Jesus garnered the praise of the masses undermined religious authority and the authority of an Empire. Holy Thursday has been relegated to eating food as opposed to noting that Jesus broke bread with the disciples because after three years of calling out government officials for continuously sponsoring the marginalization and murder of the poor knew he was going to be killed in an attempt to silence him. Good Friday has been relegated to looking at an empty cross instead of talking about how bones were broken, flesh torn, blood spilt, and a human literally suffocated in his own blood as it filled his lungs and, more importantly, how this gruesome image represents all those then and today whose bodies are literally mutilated and crucified under oppressive oppressive system. Easter Sunday has been relegated to using eggs to represent an empty tomb without mention of the fact that Jesus’ raising from the dead posed the greatest threat to those authorities who employed the most extreme extent of their power to shut up his ministry to the marginalized and failed. As a result of this sanitation, the persecution of first century Christians has been understood as a persecution due to what these followers believed as opposed to a persecution caused by the fact that individuals followed a man who undermined the authority of those in power so profoundly that even death could not stop his liberating actions. Because this sanitation of Holy Week many of us are reclaiming its original revolutionary meaning through protest, media communication, and community building to oppose those systems which continuously crucify poor communities and communities of color, black and brown bodies, colonized nations, non-gender conforming individuals, and those who have physical/cognitive differences. May you join us in this revolutionary resurrection through engaging a Holy Week of Resistance​ in your community. #ReclaimHolyWeek