rp partners are NOT property – you don’t own anybody or control who they can rp with.

mutual exclusivity happens when CONSENT between two members of the party is given and can be broken when one feels different about the situation.

you don’t control who your partners can RP with

you don’t get to manipulate or guilt trip your partners to rping with only you

rp partners are not property. 


I don’t usually make personal posts on here, but the little girl above is my niece, Ariel. She turned eight in January and has a six-year-old brother named Slayde. Ariel has recently been diagnosed with a disease that requires close medical attention. The story goes into more detail within these donation links:



Even if you are not able to contribute, sharing her story and reblogging this post would increase the chance of receiving much needed financial help. Thank you all so much in advance and thank you to those who have given already, Ariel sees these donations and she is more than grateful for them!

Selling 1D tickets [Norway]

i’m selling 2 One Direction tickets for the On The Road Again Tour 2015 

Date: friday 19th June

Price: 640 NOK per ticket (original price)

Message me here if you’re interested.


Jeg selger 2 One Direction billetter for On The Road Again Tour 2015

Dato: fredag 19 juni

Pris: 640 kr per billett (original pris)

Ta kontakt her om du er interessert.

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i’m looking for new blogs to follow

my dash is kinda dead, so if you reblog or post any of the following, please like/reblog and i will chech out your blog :)

  • dragon age
  • mass effect
  • the last of us
  • skyrim/the elder scrolls
  • final fantasy
  • tomb raider
  • gaming in general
  • eurovision
  • feminism
  • fanart
  • marvel cinematic universe
  • lotr
  • orphan black
  • stuff about writing
  • photoshop tutorials,…

Sooo this is to answer I guess some mild questions as to how far the donations are going and where the money is going to go to. I forgot to add that if it reaches 3,000 by Friday I was gonna just close the gofundme and end it and let you all know that you don’t have to donate anymore.

I felt super awkward and embarrassed making this video because you’re not seeing “sexy me” I guess? You’re seeing the more goofier and awkward side of me. I feel awkward making videos, especially videos of me just talking because i get thoroughly embarrassed and I’m not a big fan of my voice

ANYWAYS the gofundme was basically created for anyone who couldn’t donate to paypal. So the money that has been raised on the video was $2,006.24 and that had just recently went up to $2,026.24

Once again the money is not for me (I’m not gonna see a lick of it) its for basically my mom to pay bills, pay the incoming rent and to also put food in our house because there’s nothing in there right now.

My mom, my brother, my sister and me are super super grateful. Words can’t even describe how happy I am because i didn’t think we would even get THAT much raised.

I’m gonna probably keep saying thank you for weeks to come. And probably for a long time. I’m entirely thankful and you guys are fucking awesome <3

ALSO. Don’t apologize for not contributing at all or less. It honestly doesn’t bother me or my family. We’re grateful for people just reblogging and supporting. Your prayers and support and reblogs mean just as much as someone sending money.

Thank you

new blogs

i need new blogs to follow so please reblog if you post

>soul eater
>funny stuff (like sonic for real justice, mod silver, down with mod amy)
>clothes (with sources to buy)
>neon genesis evangelion
>relateable things
>drawings/pastel stuff
>evillious chronicles

thats all!! thank you!!

*New Indigenous Peoples Project* (this includes North, South, and Central America)

So I’m starting a new project :3. I am SO inspired by the native women I see on my dash everyday, but I know there are so many more that I never see. As you can tell from my blog, I’m an artist, and I want all of my native sisters to send me pictures of them that I can turn into art. When I say native, I don’t mean 100% full blood lived on the rez your entire life. No, I want everyone whether your half black, half white, identify with more than one tribe, or any combination of anything.
Along with your picture, kik me with your username (and real name if you want ) and your story. Tell me anything you want to tell me about yourself and your identity and I’ll post it with the drawing. But we don’t have to get too serious, you could just leave me your favorite ice cream flavor or favorite book instead ;)
So please, if you think this is a good idea, participate and spread the word! I’ll be starting a new blog just for you guys <3
***Kik is Nanyehi
For reference, it’ll be similar to angryasiangirlsunited

nativefaces blackndns goddamnitshannon starshineexx floral-ndn
Selfie Tag & Bias Tag (Finally)

I’ve had this rule for quite some time that I wouldn’t post a selfie until I’ve been asked to 10 times. I’ve gotten individual asks for it 3 times, and I realized earlier that I’ve been tagged in this 16 separate times (I hate you all). Yup, 19 is definitely greater than 10. So, here we go!

Also decided to merge it with the Bias Tag since I was tagged for that as well and both involve my face to a certain degree?

Excuse me while I go reblog a large amount of posts that way I can bury this.

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