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Guys. Serious moment.

I’m sure y’all remember Leelah. Well do you remember “Leelah’s law”? In case you don’t, there’s a petition (this petition to be exact ) To ban conversion therapy only has DAYS and it needs 30,000 signatures!!! Come on guys, this needs to get mixed back up and tossed out there into tumblr!!

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Am I the only one who wants to see One Direction dressed up as Fetus!One Direction? Can someone make this happen?

Louis in suspenders, Harry in a blazer, Zayn in his varsity jacket, Liam in plaid and Niall in his polo :( Just one more time. For old times sake. They should do that on OTRA. Wear their old UAN tour clothes just for a song or two. That would be so much fun :(

we are not heroes by outofcases

word count: 47k+

chapters: 7/7

rating: T

Zayn is just your average guy, if you discount his shadowy past and the fact that he can read minds.  It’s not his fault that the friends he’s gathered over the years are adamant about saving the world.  All he’s doing is trying to survive, but that’s no easy task when things seem to be against him at every turn.  He’s not a hero.  None of them are, and he’s not going to change his mind about it.  It’s just hard when the world seems determined to prove him wrong.

Throw in a power-hungry super villain, a slew of well-intentioned disasters, an ensemble of willing and gifted friends, and a heaping spoonful of idiotic self-sacrifice, and you might just have yourself an origin story.

here’s to all the ppl w bpd who seek attention passively. to the ones that feel guilty and anxious when they reach out to ppl they like. to the ones that cant start a conversation or keep one going. to the ones that cant ask others to hang out. we are special, we are great, and we are worthy of love.


cool kids club 

guys my promotional sweater from shopinuinu arrived and I’m super happy with it - the material is soft, the lettering is printed in good quality and won’t wear off easily and the shopkeeper is an absolute sweetheart, they have a ton of super cool clothes and they have plus sizes for no extra charge so please check them out, I’ll be buying from them ☽


Minimalist Theme v1.0 by armin-arlert

[ CODE ]

ok so i made a super quick redux edit theme last night!!! tried making it minimalist and aesthetic but hey whatever. tried making this customizable and fun so heres some features 


  • pixel font + regular font selection menu
  • borders + selection menu for border styles and colors
  • background options (cover, regular, gradient)
  • footer on hover + color options
  • selection + scrollbar color options
  • sidebar pagination, regular pagination, and infinite scroll
  • post button + banner 
  • 250px, 400px, or 500px posts
  • post separate or together
  • sidebar menu
  • background/color options for sidebar + posts
  • image options (inner sidebar image, sidebar image, bottom image, etc)
  • floaties
  • glow, box shadows, and opacity options
  • rounded borders
  • menu options (dropdown, slidedown, button)
  • search bar + color options
  • 7 links
  • other customizable position stuff


  • only select ONE post type
  • only select ONE menu type
  • if you want infinite scroll, unselect the SIDEBAR PAGINATION and PAGINATION options (important!!!!!!!!) 


  • don’t remove the credit please! 
  • you may use as a base as long as you ask first and credit me!!!
  • you may use separate parts of this code as long as you ask first and credit me!!

ok so wow! if you have any questions, feel free to ask and ill try my best to answer!!!!! pls signal boost (like, reblog, whatever) id love to spread this post around!!!!!thanks!!! hope you all enjoy!



I just reached 1K followers! This is nutts! I”m really happy there’s so many people interested in my stuff and I’d like to take a momment and thank you all for the support and the rebloggs and likes! Really mean a lot! Thanks!

Since we’re on a landmark here, I was thinking of doing a reblog raffle.

Since I have some comissions I need to get done (and an art trade with Master Jesse ‘Jouste’ Turner) I’m going to work this prize like this:

Reblog and like this post if you’d like to take part

I’m drawing 3 Animated character for 3 randomly chosen notes on this post’s notes!

If you like and reblog, that counts as 2 entries, and that’s okay!

As soon as I pick the winners I’ll message them and see what’d they like to see animated as a game sprite! <3

If you’d like some reference on what’ll the prize looks like, check here.

Thank you so much, everyone! :) I hope you guys stick around for the next landmarks! <3

The winners will be picked on FEBRUARY 1ST! I’ll check how many notes the post has by then and I’ll randomly choose the winners! :)

hear ye, hear ye! what ya gonna do when the big bad has been defeated and your organization just won the mad respect of thedas? why throw a huge party to celebrate, of course!

the inquisition would like to hereby invite you to the inaugural skyhold grand tourney. bring your companions, champions, and warden heroes along for maximum fun times!

[this is an rp event beginning from 29th January 10:00 EST and ending on 6th February 10:00 EST (approximately a week)]:

  • no signing up required! just post an open starter (or a planned one—work things out with an rp partner!) related to the tourney and tag it with: event: the grand tourney. others will find your post in the tag and (hopefully) respond to you!
  • everyone is welcome to join regardless of fandom, as long as you have a dragon age verse and it makes sense for your character to be at skyhold. (yes, even you, solas)
  • there is no pre-determined list of activities that will take place in the tourney thus far, but here are a few ideas to get you started:  jousting, melee, archery contests, wrestling, throwing horseshoes, throwing hammers, throwing logs, sprint races, feasting, drinking, storytelling, singing, dancingyou get the gist of it, right?
  • most importantly: have fun!!

i find it extremely poetic and of seminal importance that while the world may claim today (1/27, the date of the liberation of auschwitz) as international holocaust remembrance day, much of the jewish and israeli community do not. we do not celebrate the day a handful of troops took starving and desperate prisoners out of concentration camps. we do not commemorate or memorialize the end of one dark period of history and the beginning of another. one camp was liberated that day, but the struggle for survival did not end then. it continued. some may say that it continues. it will always continue. there are bleak and darker spots in time, but the threat is always there, always deep, always looming.

i find it extremely poetic and of seminal importance that we celebrate yom ha’shoah instead. yom ha’shoah falls near the date of the warsaw ghetto uprising. it lands eight days before yom ha’atzmaut. an old israeli language teacher of mine use to tell me, leaving red lipstick on her china mugs, that most people stop in silence for the two-minute national siren. there is a brief stop, a breath of memory, an acknowledgement of misery. the state itself pauses—theaters and pubs don’t open for the day—but otherwise there’s a careful and concerted effort to pick oneself back up, to continue. y’alla y’alla. forward and further. more and tomorrow. 

if you trace a history of the jewish people back thousands of years, you’ll find so many tales of sorrow. there have been so many purges, so many exiles, so many places where our genetic trees have stopped and sputtered and, with the strength and majesty of a promise, have started again. it’s devastating. truly overwhelming. 

before he died, my grandfather once told me that jewish history is the promise of thousands of stars that was given to avraham—everything else is a consequence.

those words have stuck with me endlessly. they’ve tinted my vision, repurposed my perspective. we suffer, but we are not a nation of suffering. we grieve, but we are not a nation of grief. we hurt and we are hurt, but we are not a nation of hurt. we’re a nation of promise, of avodah, of service and commitment. judaism is both a burden and a gift, a promise and a standard of performance. and when we focus on the days commemorating persecution, celebrating the ways that the world has come to see us, we forget that there are so many days in between where we struggled and fought and survived. 

we are a nation, and we live. that’s the rallying cry of our am, the story we pass on from generation to generation, the easiest three-word song you’ll ever sing while doing the hora at a simcha

and i mean, you are welcome to commemorate whatever day you would like in whatever way you find meaningful and memorable. this isn’t to say you shouldn’t be personal about your grief and about your statement to the world that this happened, this can never happen again. this is still happening. why

but, personally, my day of jewish memorial—the day i choose to take out my family tree and trace the many, many, many branches of beautiful names that all stop around 1940—will be yom ha’shoah. because chai, because am, because everything else is a consequence.


I dated a girl in college for a brief time who was brilliant but crazy. Super high maintenance. You know the type, archetype, stereotype.

She had a goal, besides shattering my heart outside the engineering building one spring night: to create and disseminate an urban legend so trenchant and pithy that it would someday come back to her. That she would release it into the wild, and later hear it back from someone other than whom she’d told it to. Mind, this was years before the Internet was widely available. She was way ahead of her time. You can see both the brilliant and the crazy here.

Sadly, I don’t know if she ever succeeded.

I find myself thinking of her lately as I browse tumblr. What if I were to create a completely overwrought, emo quote post about love or relationships or the meaning of it all, complete with a fake author and title, the more maudlin, the better? How long would it take until I saw it reblogged back before me? Possibly altered, or misattributed?

Tag your nsfw accordingly. No beautiful tag works if you’re not gonna tag it as ‘nsfw’ as well. The whole point of blocking tags is so we don’t have to face bad situations, besides, some people are just not interested in having butts all over their dashboards all the goddamn time. You have the right to reblog anything you like, but none of us is obliged to see it, so, please, tag your nsfw.