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OK, so, it was my birthday this past Wednesday and tonight I had family over for a “party”. As I’m unwrapping my cards and whatnot my aunt comes over and hands me a little wrapped package and says, “I know you’ll be driving soon and I’m giving you this because I hope you’ll remember you have a family who loves you before you do anything stupid while diving.” I got this keychain for her when I was in first or second grade and she’s had it since this entire time on her keys, I’m in tenth grade now, she’s had that almost nine years.

You look stunning








Like, alright.

I have no problem with people questioning my beliefs.

No problem with people who don’t believe in otherkin.

No problem with people knowledgeable on otherkin debating what it means, what’s it’s place, and what have you.

But seriously?

Slurs, outdated arguments, ad hominem, and general immaturity? 

Not really convincing anyone. But your aim really isn’t education or debate when you post gore in the tag, is it? Or when you type slurs in all caps. Or when you pose as otherkin to ‘embarrass’ us (which actually just makes others do the same, so half the time you jackasses are trolling each other’ 

It’s to provoke a reaction, it’s to cause a stir. 

3edgy5me folks

In other news, keep out of the kin tag, so stuff is going down, stay safe.