Okay so what if saru and misaki get into some stupid fight over something stupid (as usual) and they both want to make up but they’re also both really stubborn (obviously) so they decide they wont make up until the other does and end up not talking to each other or anything for like 3 days and then eventually they get so frustrated that misaki just storms into saru’s room and kisses him

But its really clumsy and stuff because misaki was trying to be spontaneous and his spontaniety is very aggressive so 

saru laughs and goes like “that’s not how you do it” and kisses misaki veeeeery slowwwwlyyyyy and it somehow ends up being super sensual and in like 2 minutes misaki has saru against the bed and they’re kissing and stuff and then saru rolls over to start things but he overestimates the size of the mattress and falls off and at first misaki’s just like huh what happened

Then he sees saru lying on the floor looking confused and angry and embarrassed and he laughs so hard he cries and saru refuses to talk to him

Until misaki kisses his cheek and tells him he’s sorry for whatever they were fighting about before and saru just rolls his eyes


This week’s This Is Lawrence was made by current students– featuring all the wonderful things about our very own Richard & Margot Warch/Margot Warch/Margot/Warch Campus center. Check it out!

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I PROBABLY CAN’T GET ALL OF THEM but I want at least one now DAMN IT.

tee heeeeeee.


1-year-old William (Wil) Lawrence, the youngest in his family, was born a little bit different from the rest of his brothers and sisters, but that won’t hold him back. Wil has Down syndrome, but thanks to a bit of Photoshop magic from his photographer dad Alan, he also has a very special gift – Wil can fly!