When Chloe Rubiano wore one of her favorite T-shirts to school this week, she never expected the ramifications that would follow her fashion statement. The 13-year-old Ramay Junior High School student wore a tee that reads “Virginity Rocks” on the front and “I’m loving my husband and I haven’t even met him” on the back, but she was asked to change by officials at her school in Fayetteville, Ark., local news station 5NEWS reports. Chloe, who purchased the turquoise statement tee at a Christian Music Festival, said the vice principal was worried that the shirt held the potential to start too many conversations and could also distract and disrupt the classroom environment. Listening, understanding, and respecting others opinions in life is critical,” Crozier wrote on Facebook. Crozier has even started a healthy debate on her Facebook wall about sex education, spurred by her daughter’s fashion choice.

anonymous said:

holy shit you're german? you speak english like a native, that's amazing!

oh my god, this one of the best compliments you could ever give me!! yep, i am german, from munich btw (yes oktoberfest starts in a few days and of course I am going :D).

really, I work so hard on my english abilities and I always make so many mistakes, sometimes I look at one of my last posts and I´m like “fuck why do I even say anything here, it´s such a wrong sentence, mistake here mistake there” :D yes, I am kinda insecure when it comes to my english, I am always doing my best but it´s never enough in my opinion.

So, to cut my waffling short, this is the best compliment ever and I am actually so honoured right now!

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