Well today I watched the funeral for the 3 slain RCMP officers.. I’m glad I was home alone because I cried like a baby. Seeing the family members.. 5 little kids and one on the way.. none of them old enough to really know exactly what was going on. Listening to the coworkers and family members of the fallen give their eulogies with their wavering voices just broke my heart. Members of police departments form across North America and even some of Europe were in attendance today.. I think that is amazing, and really shows the brotherhood and sisterhood that this profession creates. Even the non-human brothers.. Constable Dave Ross’ partner Danny, the German Shepard cried and whimpered through parts of the ceremony as he sat by his partners casket and jumped up to smell his hat while they walked in the procession, I think that’s when I lost all composure.

As a first responder, I work with RCMP and City Police on a daily basis, they are professional and we depend on them for a lot of different calls. It sucks that it’s always stuff like this that makes people realize that ”cops aren’t just cops”.. they have a life and a family outside the job. Sure, everyone hates to get fined for speeding or ticketed for something.. but reality is that if you aren’t doing something wrong, they will leave you alone.. They’re not out to get you.

I wish the two surviving officers who were also injured all the best in their recovery

Rest in Peace 

Constable Fabrice Gevaudan

Constable Dave Ross

Constable Doug Larche


Reblog in honour to the 3 police men who have lost their lives in Moncton, New Brunswick last night due to the shooting of a dangerous man who goes by the name Justin Bourque. He has also put two other police men in the hospital. Many provinces have come here to help our community and the town is on lockdown. This one man has affected our lives greatly and we are all at risks not knowing where the man is located. I am proud to be from Moncton, NB because our RCMP is out there trying to find this man, being brave enough to go out there and fight for us. RIP to the men who have lost their lives and sincere thoughts go out to their families and friends! #prayformoncton

Number of police in Canada growing despite ‘dramatic’ crime drop

Despite a “dramatic” drop in crime rates within the last decade, Canadians are employing a surging number of officers, according to new research released Monday.

Between 2001 and 2012, the number of police officers per 100,000 Canadians increased nearly 9 per cent — amidst a crime rate decline of 26 per cent, according to author Livio Di Matteo, a Lakehead University economist.

Bucking the trend, the number of Toronto police officers per 100,000 declined five per cent over the same period, while crime in the city dropped 41 per cent — making it “an interesting example of how more police doesn’t always mean less crime,” Di Matteo said in an interview.

Published by the Fraser Institute think-tank, the report is just the latest to document the ballooning cost of policing across Canada, raise questions about the sustainability of spending, and suggest that the definition of what constitutes police work has become overly broad.

“At some point you have to look at if you are deploying police, and how many of them do you devote to your core function, which is fighting crime,” Di Matteo told the Star.

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Barbie tries out a new job: RCMP officer

Barbie has tried her hand at a fair number of careers over the years — presidential nominee, fast food clerk, lifeguard — but is now taking on one of Canada’s most-recognizable professions.

Barbie is donning the red serge of the RCMP in a limited edition of the toy for Mattel’s Dolls of the World collection.

The red-haired Barbie is dressed in a mostly accurate formal RCMP uniform, with a scarlet tunic accented with a cross strap and belt, navy and yellow breeches, Strathcona boots and Stetson hat. (Photo: RCMP Shop)

The RCMP believed an Edmonton-area teens story that he had no plans to blow up a plane with a pipe bomb he said he unintentionally carried through airport security, because he had a shocked reaction when security screeners found the device, say court transcripts obtained by CBC News.

This is actually so flippin’ fucked. A white guy tried to bring a pipe bomb onto a plane and literally, nothing happens.

I mean, the airport security even tried to GIVE THE PIPE BOMB BACK TO HIM.



The Mi’kmaq blockade has been ongoing- they never left, but another RCMP raid may be brewing today. From APTN reporter @Osmich: #SWN seismic testing trucks on hwy11. Reach anti #fracking camp soon.

20-25 RCMP vehicles gearing up with riot gear.

Watch the Elsipogtog today. You can support the Mi’maq warriors right where you are, by retweeting and reblogging so the world witnesses these events.

Veteran RCMP officer stripped of his uniform for publicly smoking medical marijuana

A New Brunswick Mountie who has run afoul of a policy that says RCMP officers can’t smoke medicinal marijuana while in uniform has returned his red serge.

Cpl. Ron Francis arrived today at the RCMP headquarters in Fredericton after he said he was ordered to return the dress uniform. He was prescribed medicinal marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

The RCMP says its officers who are prescribed medicinal marijuana should not be in red serge or regular uniform while taking their medication. The force says that would not portray the right message to the public. (Photo: KEITH MINCHIN FOR NATIONAL POST)


This girl from my school has gone missing and we can’t find her but hope to. She has spent a lot of time on social media. Especially Facebook which I have been asked to not give out but if someone knows anything please call the surrey police (in the first picture) or message me or something. I’ve never been close or really liked Serena but if hate for anything bad to happen to her. Please spread this around guys