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[ENG] 140814 Jay Park, Gray & Simon D on Tablo’s Dreaming Radio (Part 2)

[Trans] Some Episodes from 140921 K.Will’s Young Street Radio

140921 BTS@K.Will’s Young Street Radio

Q. (to Jungkook) Your nickname is Golden Maknae?

Jungkook : Rap monster hyung named me like that before our debut. Because he thought I am quite good in many ways.

Q. (to V) What’s ‘Bangtan! Bangtan! Bang Bang Tan!’?

V : I gain my strength just hearing it. It’s something we say before going up on stage. Like a fighting phrase we use to cheering up. Rap monster will say ‘Bangtan Bangtan’ and all of us will say ‘Bang Bang Tan!’ together.

Q. (to Jimin) Who make the dorm messy the most?

Jimin : It’s Kim Leader. Because he always destroys things and his snore when he’s sleeping is no kidding.

Q. (to Rap Monster) You destroy everything you touch?

Rap Monster : I do. For example, I broke the ladder when I went up to double bed and even if I am allowed to drive at my age, our members warn me not to do that because it can be very dangerous. If I drive, it will turn into a racing game.

Q. (to Suga) Are you a photographer of the group?

Suga : Yes, I am. I love taking a photo of our member and uploading it. I even do a retouching but not so long ago, I lost my memory card of what I took until now so I feel like I lost my confidence and it need to be boosted.

Whose photos need to be retouched the most?

Suga : Jungkook? I think because he’s growing up so his skin is growing too. But it’s getting a lot better now.

So who is the least?

Suga : It’s Rap monster. He has a really good skin.

(Rap Monster) Are you taking a good care of your skin?

Rap Monster : Never!

Jungkook : I do it the most!

Rap Monster : Jungkook has plenty of products and always recommend to us.

Jimin : I receive it a lots. I used to worry about my skin then Jungkook brought something to me and said ‘Hyung, why don’t you try this?’ My skin is really getting better now.

Jin : If Jungkook buys some products and it’s not match with his skin, he will give it out to us.

Are there any member that some specific parts on their face need to be retouched or fixed?

Suga : Besides skin retouching, I don’t think none of us need that because the basis of their faces are already good. (LOL xD)

Q. (to Jungkook) Ranking 3 singers you were fan of before your debut.

Jungkook : G- Dragon sunbaenim, IU sunbaenim and Sweden laundry (스웨덴 세탁소) sunbaenim.

Q. (to Jin) If Bang Shi Yuk president were your company’s trainee, ranking 3 things you would want to tell him the most.

Rap Monster : He(Bang PD) watches all of our show.

Jungkook : I have a lots to say!

Jin : First, Please try to rap a bit better.

and please improve your visual. Because it’s something that trainee should do.

(Jungkook comes to help Jin eventually) Wear a better clothe! (He speaks in informal form though xD)

Q. (to Rap Monster) Ranking 3 members with 4D Personalities.

Rap Monster : For third place, It’s J-hope. Because he has a lots of energy.

Next is Jungkook. This friend is not sleep and he lives in his own world. But I think this two is not that strange.

Number one is V. As you can see when he was introducing himself, “I’m V, who has the most confidence about introducing myself” I really didn’t know what was that means.

Suga : Sometime we have no idea what is he taking about. I’m not even sure if it’s Korean. We called it ‘V language’

Q. (to Suga.) Ranking 3 BTS’s favorite foods?

Suga : For me, It’s fried rice with chicken breast, chicken breast sandwich and 생치(something you eat with chicken breast)

K.Will : If you like this kind of food, your body must be very huge.

Suga : Nobody gonna believe this but I used to be very huge. Since my shoulder hurt, I was not allowed to exercise so I became very thin. But my shoulder is fine right now so I feel like I need to work out.

Jimin : He keep saying that for a few months and doing nothing

Q. (to J-Hope) Ranking 3 most good-looking members of BTS.

 J-Hope : Number 3 is Rap monster!

Rap monster : I really didn’t expect that.

Jimin : We either!!

J-hope : It’s personal taste. Number 2 is Suga!

and number 1 is J- Hope!

Suga : I and J-hope always talk to each other like this, in the fan sign event, ‘If I stand next to you, my photo will come out really well’ and J-Hope will be like ‘If I stand next to hyung, I will be captured very handsome too’

Q. (to Jimin) Ranking 3 members who look best in school uniform.

Jimin : It’s me, Jungkook and V.

So, who’s the one that doesn’t match the uniform the most?

Suga : Rap monster.

Jin : (to Jimin) You have to answer that right. Don’t look at me.

Rap monster : For me, It’s Suga hyung.

Jungkook : Me too!

Jimin : My heart hurt a bit when I looked at them (wearing school uniform) at that age.

Jin : At that age?!!!!!!!!!

Q. (to V) Ranking 3 things you surprised the most when promoting aboard.

V : The culture is very different from Korea.

All : Is that so?? We never know that before!

V : I can make friend very easy. We can exchange phone number if we do a broadcast together like this or we can say hi to people on street and become friend.

And the last thing is I can find a stuff that we don’t have in Korea.

K.Will : Now, I know why he is 4D!!

(**I translated from what I listened. It may not be 100% accurate cuz you know how much our boys talk but I try my best to summarize so you guys can read while waiting someone to sub it.

And! My English is not good so please bear with it or if any of you wants to correct me, do not hesitate! I want to improve myself too!)

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