I do not care what men think about feminism. I am so apathetic that I almost did not write this post. However, men on tumblr/in real life keep asking me about this topic.

I will give this my best shot. This is what I want male “allies” to understand.

1. Female socialization is TRAUMATIZING! Socialization in a capitalist society is always traumatizing, but it is worse for people who were born and raised female because the primary purpose of it is to groom women into a submissive role. The “feminine” role was created by patriarchy in order to control women’s reproductive capabilities. The “feminine” role exists so that men can control women. It humiliates women and robs them of their humanity. Women are not given access to knowledge and skills that would help them become more independent. In many societies that have more rights for women on paper, these roles are maintained through popular culture and pornography.  It hurts and it never really goes away. If you try and escape your socialization, you suffer social and financial consequences. 

2. Makeup, dresses, ect. are not something women  naturally enjoy. I mean, I am sure many women enjoy the social approval that comes along with wearing them. But most people would prefer to wear comfortable clothing!

3. There is no “female brain” or “female” intuition, however there are specific experiences that are the result of female socialization. It is not that women are inherently different, it is that we were trained to be submissive. We see a warped vision of ourselves in society. 


5. Female socialization starts from birth, parents and doctors treat male and female children differently. Even kind, well-meaning parents and doctors cannot escape the subtle sexism that permeates every major society on this planet. Most of the time, sexism is considered “harmless” or “natural”.

Respect our pain and our desire to heal! If you learn anything from feminism, it should be that you will never understand our pain. Don’t try to relate to us! However, you should fight capitalism and patriarchy! I think that public organizing around political issues (stuff that goes before the government)should remain co-ed, but all private discussions and organizing should remain women-only.

So yeah, do what you want with this…

“When trans women are excluded from feminism, especially feminism which claims to be intersectional and recognize that all women’s experiences are not identical but still exist in the same nebula of “woman,” it undermines the very foundation of feminism and that is something which only benefits the patriarchy and is ultimately dangerous to us all.“

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Just throwing this out there: misandry and feminism are two very different things. Feminism is equality. That simple. Any act of a "feminist" that is violent or hateful toward men is actually from a misandrist who is an idiot and doesn't know how to type the word feminism into Google.

Feminism is the theory, misandry is the practice.

You have to judge Feminism, not by the dictionary definition, but by the actions of its members.




I feel like I need to take a break because white feminists are SO EXHAUSTING and white women constantly drain my energy and I’m tired of censoring myself in order to spare white feelings and I’m tired of ignoring/disregarding/putting off all of the blatant racism and misogyny in radical feminist community. It’s not healthy for me to continue to cater to them and their feelings. It’s seriously causing me some emotional strain

Passing trans men might benefit superficially from being socially perceived as men, but they are still female and, when you boil away all the gender presentation, do NOT have male privilege. How’s that for radical feminist “material basis”?

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Recently I've noticed a growing number of lesbian bloggers dropping the term "radical feminist" from their descriptions and putting "lesbian feminist" instead, and speaking angrily against radical feminism for the apparent homophobia that is rampant in the community. I'm just wondering how you feel about all this? What keeps you still identifying with radical feminism when it seems that so many lesbians in the radfem community have left? Is there any hope left for radical feminism?

I am a radical lesbian feminist. Radical in the way I see things, radical in the way I believe in attacking the root, radical in the way I see patriarchy and oppression in general as a system that promotes violent dehumanization. 

Many black women have broken away from radical feminism as well. The problem is that white, het-partnered/straight women want to bring all the focus onto male on female oppression, which is obviously catastrophic - but they fail to accept their privilege over others based on race, sexuality, class etc. it still matters. So then we have issues of straight radfems talking over lesbians, getting into arguments with us ABOUT lesbianism, excluding us, ignoring us, and basically denying their position of power. 

They constantly revert back to “we are all oppressed” instead of seeing how lesbian oppression is something that needs to be respected as a separate entity. I don’t think radical feminism is naturally like this, I think it does cater to lesbians; but straight women are still oppressing lesbians and not owning up to it so….

- Ash

if you were previously homophobic but realize you were wrong: that’s ok, u are learning
if you are struggling with internalized misogyny: that’s ok too, keep fighting to overcome the sexism that society perpetuates
if you were accidentally trans phobic but are fixing it: great, we need everyone on our side
if at any point u were wrong and are trying to fix it: we accept you and we were all there. keep working to be a good person

  • girls:i like guys that're like 6 ft tall that are muscular and scruffy and have pretty eyes
  • tumblr:yeah me too
  • guys:i like it when girls don't wear a lot of make up and shave their armpits

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How does one become for sex workers?

Listen to us.

I assume you’re referring to this post, and what I was talking about there was this:

When radical feminists and abolitionists talk about what they want to see for the future of trading sex, they always, always, always center the thoughts, feelings and needs of men (and specifically, men who are clients).  At its absolute best, where we give abolitionists the total benefit of the doubt, their focus on “ending demand” is about men. It’s about punishing men for patronizing sex workers, it’s about changing the feelings of men, it’s about teaching men to be better people, whatever the cost.  And the cost, as sex workers around the world labor so hard to get across, is the safety of sex workers (the majority of whom are probably women).  Sex workers are literally the collateral damage of radical feminists’ obsession with the thoughts of men. 

 What would be great (if only to prevent some cognitive dissonance around these people calling themselves “feminists”)is if, instead of slavishly attending to the ethical state of men (oh, the irony), they put the same amount of effort into improving the lives of women (and all of the people who trade sex). Or even no effort at all. If helping women were a greater priority than fixing men, then doing literally nothing about or for sex workers would be a huge improvement over the current state of affairs.  Radical feminists could be effectively “for” sex workers by actually doing nothing. 

 If the truth is as they claim — that they care about women who trade sex, specifically the most marginalized women who trade sex, then the very last thing they should be doing is advocating for policy that endangers women while punishing men.  


“Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as received a memorial p…laque. Her newspaper obituaries do not mention her greatest discovery. […] Every high school student knows that Isaac Newton discovered gravity, that Charles Darwin discovered evolution, and that Albert Einstein discovered the relativity of time. But when it comes to the composition of our universe, the textbooks simply say that the most abundant atom in the universe is hydrogen. And no one ever wonders how we know.”

~ Jeremy Knowles, discussing the complete lack of recognition Cecilia Payne gets, even today, for her revolutionary discovery

It’s stuff like this that bothers me A LOT.

Lipstick is a representation of traditional femininity- the idea that women have to be beautiful, perfectly made up, and feminine so that they might be the ideal woman. 

But that concept is just as antiquated as the expectation that women should be housewives, and it fails to represent something actually empowering.

No matter how much some feminists want to believe that traditional feminine things like lipstick=power, it’s just not true. When you wear lipstick you’re really just playing into an already existing power structure that marks you as “woman” and therefore “weaker” and “less”. Even if you REALLY WANT to believe that your choice to wear makeup = empowering, it’s not. 

Now, that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t wear makeup, it’s just that feminists should recognize that makeup=/=empowering. Makeup=/= warpaint. You’ll look pretty, but you’re not destroying any social systems, you’re actually playing directly into them.

In liberal feminism, society itself isn’t broken, we just need to learn how to better exist within it – like men.

Radical feminism, on the other hand, understands that if you polish a turd, it’s still a turd. Radical feminism posits that the system itself is broken and the game is rigged. Radical feminism asserts that pornography and gender are designed to further subjugate women, while liberal feminism celebrates these as sources of female empowerment. Radical feminism is not concerned with appealing to males, or with making males feel comfortable, because radical feminists believe feminism should be a movement that prioritizes women, and that works to address and dismantle systems that contribute to female oppression – even when it makes men uncomfortable or angry, or divests them of some of their power.

Radical feminism isn’t very sexy.