‘What’s that you’re reading?’
'It’s about cryptography.’
'Like secret messages?’
'Not secret. That’s the brilliant part. Messages that anyone can see, but no one knows what they mean, unless you have the key.’
'How’s that different from talking? When people talk to each other they never say what they mean, they say something else. And we’re expected to just know what they mean, and yet I never do.’
—  The Imitation Game
Sometimes, when I am drowning in my own thoughts, I sit down and think to myself “What did I do to deserve this?”. How did I end up like this? The girl who has always tried to please others and help them survive in a corrupt world. The girl who always managed to smile when everyone else cried and who laughed in the face of evil. What happened to this girl? This very same girl is now sitting down with streaks of eyeliner pouring down her face and quiet screams coming out of her mouth. This very girl has finally been broken.
—  Classy
Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart.
—  unknown
I think sometimes we hold on to pain
because happiness is painful to let go of,
too painful to think back on.
Pain becomes a home we hide in.
For some pain is the only home they’ve ever known
—  Savannah Black
You are not a collection of those who have loved and left. You are made of stars and courage and every square inch of you is precious. You are not your mistakes. You are made of fire and water. Your body is the perfect combination of grace and hope. You are not the chances you have missed. You are the moment the sun rises on the horizon. You are not what happened to you. You are the constellations on a clear night. You are not the days you feel broken, you are the days you wake up full of possibilities. You are not your medication. You are a map of your life and anybody would be lucky to explore your shoes. You are not the days of hopeless despair. You are a product of your conquered and ongoing battles. You are a maze of passion, light, and kindness. You are not your bad days. You are how you tell your bones to carry you, even though you are sure they are splitting into smaller fragments with every step. You are not the ways you tried to kill your pain. You are the way you make it to bed every night, convinced every morning you wouldn’t. You are your struggles. But don’t allow people to make you think you are damaged. Damage allows things to flourish. With each breath you are blossoming, into the most beautiful flower. Healing is a process. But nobody comments on how long the flower took to bloom, they simply stand mesmerized by its intoxicating colors and beauty. People give flowers as a symbol of forgiveness, hope, compassion, and love. You are more than you think. You don’t have to justify yourself. You don’t have to reveal you have grown. Just bloom. Just be.
—  Found on Instagram.. Wish I knew the author to this.