I’ve had such a positive response to my recent zine release, SHEA! Thanks to everyone who even bothered to LOOK at it, nevermind those wonderful people who ordered!

Just in case you missed it (my internet market was pretty shitty, once), I still have 46 copies of my OG zine, Fun:Danger::Danger:Fun! 

You can order it here:



I say: My first zine, lovingly created for the fans. Made up of images and fragments of images culled from my extensive photographic record of all-ages New York concerts. Shipping is included in the price!

Quimby’s (Chicago) says: Lotsa show photos, bands jumpin’ and screamin’, compiled filthy, smoky houseshow hordes, collaged and un-collaged. Is this really all going on in New York? I don’t think I’ve been to a show in that town where anyone’s done more than nod their head to the beat. Thanks for the glimmer of hope, Richard. -EF 26p, b&w “eggshell finish”, 5.5”x8.5”

Matt FX (MTV Skins) says: The only two books on my coffee table are this and Amy Sedaris’ book on entertaining.

Joe Ahearn (Clocktower Gallery, Silent Barn, amazing human) says: Awesome.