Exercises for your tarot journal

Here’s a bunch of tarot exercises you can try out with your cards and write up in/on your journal:

Daily draw

Pick a card each morning. Write about it! Look out for the card as you go through your day. Or pick a card in the evening – what might it mean, considering the day you’ve had?

Write up a reading

You don’t need to record every reading you do –sometimes it’s good to just take your message, put the cards away and move on. But when you’re learning, it’s helpful to spend extra time on a reading and really explore the deeper elements of your cards.

Interpret someone else’s reading

Lots of bloggers post readings they’ve done online. Pick any reading, and read the cards for yourself. What advice would you give the querent?

Same cards, different deck

If you have more than one tarot deck, this can help you to find common threads between them, as well as highlight major differences and thus totally expand your understanding of individual cards. Pick any card from your first deck, then find the same card in another deck. What do they have in common? In what ways are their messages different? Are there symbols common to both/all cards? How would you deliver each card’s advice to a querent? 

You could also try doing this with a larger reading. Do your reading as normal, and then find the same cards from another deck and lay them beside the first ones. What does the reading say now? Which messages have become confused? Would you give yourself different advice, or are any particular cards changing their message for you?

Read for someone

Never mind if you’ve only just got your first ever tarot deck. Make it something fun, tell your mate you’re just learning. They’ll have their own ideas about what the cards mean, and as you talk it over this will really help to personalise your understanding of the cards that come up!

Work on a tricky card

If there’s a card you’re really struggling with or which seems to have made literally no sense in a reading, don’t ignore it. Spend some quality time with this card. What confuses you about it? Do you draw a total blank, or does it give you strange feelings? Look up different meanings online or in your favourite book. Study the card carefully. Look for symbols, expressions, colours, animals. Write whatever comes into your head about the card.

Choose your own adventure

Draw a card. This is the start of your story. Now draw another. This is what happens next! Carry on and write a little story! Plenty of authors use tarot to help with the writing process!

So there you go. Get scribblin’.

Anyone else got any cool journalling exercised to share?
Exercises from Beth Maiden’s tarot course

Deck Lust

 [dek luhst]


1. To have a strong desire to own a tarot or oracle deck, regardless of the fact that you already have 10+ decks, you’re eating ramen and rice cakes 24/7, and your paycheck has already been blown on crystals. 

Look, I’m guilty. So guilty. As I write this, there are two kickstarter/indiegogo decks that I have funded, and one Lenormand deck from England that should be here any time now. Any. Time. Now. 

And I don’t really see a problem with this. I collect decks because there are so many different kinds of people to read for, and each deck has its own “voice.” I always want to match up the querent with a deck that’s going to speak in a language that they understand, and that will give me the right cues for their situation. The problem is, just as I am counting on each deck having its own voice and language, sometimes that means that I understand one deck better than another. 

To take this a bit further, I’m fluent in the Wild Unknown language, but I miss words here and there when I’m conversing with a Dreaming Way language. And I know I’m not the only one. I often hear in the tarot community that readers will have one or two decks that don’t get used very often because they’re “tricky” or “difficult” or “not talking." 

Well, one of the only ways to solve that particular problem is by working with the deck (if you like it too much to find it a new home). 

So I sketched up a little exercise that I’ve used, and I hope will be helpful to you, too. 

(Check out the link to see the fully outlined exercise!) <3

anonymous asked:

i'm thinkin about getting tarot reading stuff and all type of witchy things but my parents are very religious and i still live with them, do you have any advice about this type of situation?

I understand your pain, my friend.  For divination, you may want to wait on actual tarot decks.  Because they are pretty distinctive and I’m pretty sure if they are found your parents will recognize them almost instantly.  However, you can use divination through other things that will not arouse suspicion.  Bibliomancy is a good one and all you need is a book.  Or a book shelf.  But you can pick a book and do readings based on what’s on the page.  I’ve never actually attempted bibliomancy myself but I imagine that you could have the querent pick a page number and you interpret based on what you see on that page. 

If you have Itunes you can do “Shufflemancy” in which you instruct your querents to pick a number of shuffle times and based on what song that shows up you can go from there.  I imagine you could also do it without them specifying numbers.  Divination is pretty flexible.  I sometimes do Video Game Divination where I shuffle around the games I have in my drawer and have people pick a number 1-45 and go based on the game, the tone of it, what happens and all that jazz.  

As far as magick and witchy things go, that can also be flexible.  You can do a lot of energy work and you don’t really need any tools.  You can start by pulling on your energy and imagine it making a dome around you.  You can study the color, is it raw energy or does it come out as an element?  There are a lot of things you can do.  You can specifically call upon elemental or weather energy and all kinds of things.  But a good start is slowly trying to extend your energy away from you.  Challenge yourself, see how far you can take it out.  But be careful because you can exhaust yourself if you aren’t careful.  I had to start big quickly due to a nasty spirit I had bothering me when I first started so I had to jump from never using my energy to having to try and cover the entire house.  Frequently it left me dizzy and not able to do much for a while afterwards.

For cleansing, you can use aromatherapy, use your own energy, imagine burning white sage in your head and “spread” that energy (I haven’t tried this one but I was informed that it could help), my personal favorite is to take a glass of water and put salt in it and sprinkle it around my room and any other desired area.  An alternative to the water is just taking a glass and leaving it in sunlight by a window for a day and that can charge it with the sun’s energy and you can sprinkle it that way.  I also have a bamboo flute that I sometimes use where I blow a careful, peaceful note and imagine those sound waves rolling outwards with a nice pulse of cleansing energy, banishing and destroying all negativity residing in the area.  Incense can be used as well if that’s within access to you.

If you wear make up you have HUGE potential right there.  It’s called glamour magic and with it you can also combine color magic to set your intent for the day.  One of my favorite things is to use my foundation or my concealer and write key words across my skin that I want to have for that day.  Like “insight” on my forehead to grant me the ability to have better perception through out the day.  Or “Strength” “Charm”.  And then you blend it in.  Ta-da!  Invisible ink.  You can also use make up to honor your deities and spirit guides if there are any you have right now.  You can also use glamor with the intents of altering how people see you.  Yesterday for my glamor I drew scales across my face with my foundation to give me the feeling of strength and for others to see the same.  You can also use nail polish for this (and draw sigils with them), jewelry, perfume and different kinds of clothing.

There’s also key magic in which you imbue keys with your intents.  They have a lot of potential.  Go up to doors and windows and twist them and channeling your energy into it to “lock” or “Unlock” those openings.  Use them to unlock possibilities, use them to lock the door to places you have moved on from.  And since keys are regular items, they won’t arouse suspicion.

There is also kitchen witchcraft where you cook things and you can imbue your food with your energy from that.  I don’t have too much advice on here though since I don’t really cook but know that it is an option.  :]

Here’s a link for a simple spell that I wrote that you can start with that’s discreet.  It only requires a glass of water:


It helps cleanse you of negativity and can help leave you refreshed.  :]

Many Blessings


Okay, I apologize for the size of the pictures, I know there’s a lot going on here, and I know I’m posting this in two places, but I want to make sure this get’s seen.  As you can see, I got moved.  I used to set up at a table, and I was at the same table consecutively every day since I started going since September when I started reading.  It wasn’t until this past Friday we decided to move to the couch in the central part of the store (which is the quietest space surprisingly!) because it doesn’t get a lot of traffic we decided to switch.  We did this for two reasons.  One, we were hoping it would help with my anxiety.  Two, it would provide a safer space for my querents to feel more relaxed and open to the reading.  Now I got that out of the way, I’m going to begin the article from the top and this will be a long article.  Also, I have my venue’s permission to have taken and post the pictures online.

How I chose My Venue

First of all, I didn’t really choose BB as a venue so much as it chose me.  I’m not going to get in the back story of what brought me to Tarot, I got into that awhile ago.  Instead, I’m gonna take you to the back story of what got me to BB.  I wanted to try and read the cards somewhere new.  So I took them somewhere I never been before.  This little tea shoppe/cafe/flower shop for lunch.  Well, it was Friday, and it was BUSY.  There was one lady who was absolutely out to lunch with people going back and forth trying to get orders ready and she was swamped.  So, I started bussing tables and doing my best to help out and doing dishes.  She was by herself because the rest of the staff had an emergency.  The end of lunch, the lady was so thankful all I could do was just ask “is it okay if I took my cards out and practice?  I’ve only just finished my notes last week.” 
“Sure, I don’t see why not.”  Yeah, I was BRAND new.  Already jumping in because I figured why not?  I did a few spreads, asking it a few questions about the shop, what it liked, what it didn’t like, and I had my binder and it said it liked the atmosphere and there anything it didn’t like (that I could tell anyways.  Looking at the notes, I still don’t see how the Sun and World together shows anything bad.  I love BB).  The worker came back and asked “Do you think you could read me?”  Now I froze.  Read another person?  I never even read my room mate.  “I’ve only read for about a week, but I can try.”  “You’ll never learn if you don’t try.”  So I read.  It was like I was reading a book.  It felt natural. I felt like reading for her was what I was suppose to be doing.

Her boss finally comes in, and I finished my reading (’cause I didn’t know it was her) and she stood smiling and I stopped.  “Oh.  I’m sorry.”  I started putting my stuff away.  “Oh no, I just wanted to tell you you’re lunch and tea is on the house for the next week and you’re free to bring your cards anytime you want.  In fact, can you read for all of us?”  (keep in mind, this was in September, so I might not be quoting exactly! This is pretty much what happened though!)  I read for them all and I explained to the owner I only started learning earlier mid July and just finished end of August.  It was beginning of September when I was at Blossom Boutique.  The reason why I was there was because I needed something to do.  She told me every Friday, bring a tip jar and come and read for people.  Obviously I had talent, and was natural at this, because I was dead on and I’m self-taught and was fresh when I started reading for people.  I’ve been reading there ever since. 

Choosing a venue - it must work for you.  Choose one that fit’s your lifestyle, are they friendly, do you feel safe?  What are they’re policies with your Tarot?  Do they have a fee?  For me, because I have such a low income, I help out around the shop still, bussing tables and doing dishes just like my first day.  You might have to give a percentage of your earnings.  Is there privacy for you?  Are you exposed?  I was before, but now I moved to the center back of the shop where it’s been sectioned off which I’m going to talk about next.

Finding the Right Spot

This is the hard part.  When I FIRST went, I picked a small table by the window to have my lunch because I wasn’t planning on reading for ANYONE but myself, and even then I really doubt I was brave enough to take them out.  A Tarot reader, in my small town?  Well, that tiny table was too small so I opted for that larger one in the first picture which did quite well, but the problem is, it’s the first table you see when you walk in.  I was there from September ‘till this past Friday.  It worked, but I think it was too exposed.  I didn’t get a lot of privacy.  That’s when me and the Boss started thinking of what we could do and started weighing the pro’s and con’s and started to actually think.

  • How do we get people to try a reading without feeling exposed?
  • How do we work on my anxiety so I don’t get so nervous?
  • Is there a place where we can move me?
  • Can we section off the middle of the store and keep it that way?
  • Is it cost effective?
  • Does it look aesthetically pleasing?
  • Am I going to be seen?

These were questions we asked, answered, tried and experimented with and found the answers to be very much “hey, this worked.”  My set up takes a little more time in the morning, but otherwise it’s very much the same, and it makes me feel a little more relaxed because now I have privacy.  People can’t see us so it gives the illusion we’re alone, and if people don’t see us, they’re less likely to want to listen in.  Plus, because it’s all things that are already in the store, it doesn’t take away from the aesthetic already found in the shop.  It looks good.  As far as me being seen - I just stay in the cafe when I’m not busy.  My sign goes up somewhere, like on the cash register or on the cooler where customers will see it, and it’s a done deal.  Now, will this work?  I’m not 100% sure, we haven’t tested it out yet.  We just moved it on Friday but I’m really super excited for Monday ‘cause I’m giving myself more hours over the spring and summer.  However - I can’t do much of anything without any tools.

The tools I use

I have a few tools, not a lot.  The sign is a big one - I love and hate it.  I love it because I made it, I hate it because I made it and wish I had a new one that was much nicer looking.  I can’t afford to buy one though.  So, that’s the one I use.  The stand it’s on is actually for cook books, but it works very well for it.  I also have a scarf for a tarot cloth,  tarot bags (one for each and every deck I own), a carnival glass tip jar (a very rare collector’s piece that I will never sell and it’s in my colours of green and purple!), business cards, a back pack and a binder with notes.  What you don’t see is headphones and an MP3 player, and a NOOK that has several books on it.  The MP3 player is indispensable when it comes to coping with my anxiety.  The nook has definitions when I need to look something up - never with a client, but occasionally when I’m working on my own.  Of course my Tarot cards are a given.  I only work with one deck when I’m working.  The Steampunk Tarot.  This is because I want to be absolutely sure I can read for my client. 

Investment Pieces

There are things you want to spend money on and some things you can get away with.  For me - my big investment piece was the backpack.  I had to be able to fit EVERYTHING into a bag that looked good, and was durable.  It was $100, and worth it - and I can’t tell you where I got it because honestly I was probably scammed that money but it was a good investment.  It sturdy, it’s beautiful, and it does the job.  The binder too, it’s more expensive than your standard binder, but it’s durable, and built to last which is good because I’m not nice to my things.  The tip jar I got for free, but if you can find beautiful items like this for your tip jar, find them!  They stand out, and I love the way it looks personally.  Business cards are a must, people love them!   They don’t have to be fancy, just little bit’s of information is what you need. (The RIGHT information… I have to fix mine and haven’t had the chance).

Sorry for the long article.  I think the point I wanted to make was how I worked.  Maybe I do things a lot differently than most readers, maybe I’m a lot more similar than I realized.   Maybe I’m just really weird and think too much.  Either way, this is how I do things in my life, and wanted to give you a glimpse of what I’ve been up to.  I hope this gives you an idea of why you shouldn’t be too intimidated if you want to get started at a venue, but scared because you haven’t been reading long enough.  I only just finished learning and jumped right into it - did I make a mistake?  Maybe, but I don’t regret my decision because I never would have learned as much as I did without it.  I didn’t tell people I was a professional, I told people “I’m just learning, please be patient” and I still don’t consider myself even close to being a professional or even a semi-professional.  I’m still learning my trade.  I just want you guys to know how I got started, and what I do now.

I hope this resonates and helps.  Cheers.


I have a theory and a possible unpopular opinion I’d like to share.  These are just quick notes because I don’t have time to go into details because I’m at my bf’s place right now.

When I read cards for my clients, I don’t do a lot of talking, but rather a lot of asking questions.  See the cards prompt storytelling to me.  The tower provokes a sudden occurrence of events that brought a sudden change into the querents life, or maybe something has been building up and they need to get it out - so I’ll ask them “what’s been bothering them lately?” or “what’s been going on suddenly that’s been changing how life has shifted suddenly in how life normally would be, has this change been good, bad, different?”  Suddenly, I’m not the one who’s telling them their future or telling them what’s going on - their looking at their own life through their eyes and thinking critically about it.

This is what I do, which is why I don’t do online readings or readings on the phone.  I don’t want to predict the future or look at past lives and things like that - I could if I wanted to - but I’m more into wondering what can be done about things that are bothering the querent the most at the present time.

I’m not sure what point I’m trying to make right now, I’m half asleep - I just know I want to write about perception, storytelling, and why I don’t like reading future and other fortune telling readings personally for me.  I’ll get back to it when I get home eventually on the weekend.

help me out with my financial woes

hey tarot fans and querents! i need money really badly right now to replace some broken musical equipment that is very important to me so im opening up my ask box for you to ask me your burning questions.

• simple 3 card past/present/future - $7
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if you have any questions regarding the spreads, dont hesitate to ask me :) and as with any service, a tip would be highly appreciated, especially since readings tend to leave me drained afterwards. right now i dont have any other method of accepting payment than amazon gift cards, i apologize.

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How do you know what you're telling people to do is the right thing. Where do the cards answers come from?

I’m not convinced the “right” answer exists. The best any of us can do is help someone appreciate what they are capable of, given all current limitations.

Often those limitations have been distorted in the querent’s own mind, or may even prove totally illusory. An outside perspective can work wonders here, but we often don’t seek one except as a last resort.

As for where the answers come from: that is a true “outside” perspective. By consulting an oracle, you invite commentary from the unknown. Whether that input is randomly generated (as in the cards or the I Ching) or directly communicated (mediumship etc.), or a mixture of both, you are essentially acknowledging the boundaries of your own agency. It’s a small, momentary act of surrender – you may ultimately reject the advice, but you cannot undo the symbolic power of having initiated the conversation.

Instead of focusing on giving “right” answers, a reader should afford themselves enough distance to ask: what is the querent capable of hearing? What actions are they likely to take on their own? As gratifying as it can be to lay down pronunciations like thunderclaps, there’s an art to knowing which seeds to plant, and where, and when.

I love tarot because of its sheer diversity of seeds – so many potential fruits and flowers and tough, thirsty roots.

In any event, the answer to your question is circular. The answers come from the cards; the cards and everything in them come from us. All we’re really doing is holding up a second mirror to see the back of our own head. 


Diana has read for me twice now, and both readings have been during difficult parts of my life that have required care and wisdom to traverse. Her readings were absolutely wonderful and exactly what I needed. The most recent one wasn’t very long ago, and even though only a short time has passed since, it has already been incredibly helpful and healing for me. A reading from Diana is a spiritually nurturing experience. She is very knowledgeable both in terms of Tarot and life practices that may help the querent resolve whatever issue is at hand. She can expertly read the cards to uncover the nuances of the problem at hand, and then provide concrete advice on ways in which individual and interpersonal changes, spiritual and therapeutic practices and herbal remedies can address your situation. Her wisdom and experience as a reader and a person makes her an excellent source of guidance; the most recent situation I came to her for a reading about was incredibly painful, and she handled it with the utmost compassion and concern.

Diana actively engages the querent in her readings, making you feel personally involved in the process of interpretation and empowered in your ability to address the issues at hand. It doesn’t matter if you have no knowledge of or experience with Tarot, she can comprehensibly describe the significance of every card in the deck and provides guiding questions to help the querent uncover the meaning in the draws. Much of Diana’s talent as a reader comes not just from her knowledge of and experience with Tarot (the meanings of the cards, what reversed draws indicate, different spreads, etc), but also her deep intuition which allows her to get to the heart of matters. In my most recent reading, for example, she had a sudden intuitive sense of something which turned out to be quite true and which expanded and nuanced the meaning of her reading. Her readings are also very exhaustive, she takes as much time as needed to go through them and offers further draws to bring readings into sharper focus.

On top of being a talented and wonderful reader, Diana is a dear friend and one of the most lovely women I know. By seeking readings from her, you will not only be getting top notch advice and insight into your questions and concerns, but you will also be supporting a really wonderful and cool lady. I could not be happier with my readings from her, and I would recommend her to anyone in need in a heartbeat!

Divine Guidance from the Satyr Witch faeself!

You heard right, I am humbly offering my services now for the cheap price of whatever! 

Seriously, just whatever, tips or exchanges are fine, nothing is also good, I’ll even GIVE you money if you want! (Ok that last one isn’t a very sound business strategy but I’m not here to make business anyway). I probably would too if I had any myself to be quite honest but I digress.

My main means of divination is Tarot readings, and while I lack experience in most other things, I’m a quick learner and I will certainly do more than just deal some cards in order to help you if the need arises.

I believe a firm link between the reader and the querent is extremely important, thus I would like to do this over Skype if possible and would love it if you read my about, so you can be more comfortable (I find this to be very important) and in turn share some about yourself so I can properly offer my guidance.

My specialty resides in introspection and dealing with any kind of obstacle preventing you from being the best “you” you can be, as well as relationships and bonds with others. In general, it’s not about reading the future as much as it’s reading you to help you help yourself

I will, of course, try to help you with any problem you might seek my help with, be it by magical means or otherwise. I just can’t promise any results. While I am not entirely inexperienced in spell-casting, I am still only a half-human in the end.

If you are interested, please contact me through Tumblr, or just add me on Skype (Evergreenforevah)! Do specify the reason why you’re contacting me and we’ll figure out a good time for a session.

Thank you for reading! (Bolded Tl;dr)

Intuitive Reading

I’m catching up on the intuitive reading requests from a couple weeks ago. I caught a horrible bug so I’ve been recovering from that and slowly catching up on the lengthy list of reading requests.

The following reading is posted with permission and at the request of the querent.

For your reading I have used the Vintage Wisdom oracle deck. I think that overall your reading is very positive and you got some really “happy” cards.

I always draw a shadow card for each reading because it gives me some insight regarding where the querent is coming into the reading. For your reading I drew Gentleness as your shadow card. It can be really hard to be accepting, forgiving, and loving with yourself. I feel that right now you might be in or nearing a new stage of self acceptance. Your letting some things go. You’re working around some other issues. Things are not ever going to be 100% perfect for any of us, but you’re in a really good place. If you haven’t quite arrived at that place, you will shortly. Remember that its always work to keep yourself in that place and only you can keep yourself there.

The first card of the reading is Celebration. Brace yourself for some happy times! This could be related to your changing outlook that your shadow card touched on. When we make changes in our lives and in our feelings toward things, we can often (inadvertently) make room for the things we have been wanting. Sometimes all it takes are a few changes to give the universe the signal that you’re ready for want you’ve been seeking.

The second card of the reading is Union. I get very strongly that this is the joining together of two individuals. In your case I believe you may be moving into a relationship if you have not already. I am not sure with whom or what the time frame is. If you are already in a relationship, the dynamic may be changing for the better in the near future. I was actually so excited about drawing this card that I drew two additional clarifying cards for the card. The first is Transition and the second is Playfulness. Transition again highlights a movement into a relationship of some sorts and or another level in a current relationship. Playfulness sheds light into the fact that this will be a positive situation with good interactions between you and this other person. Again, I feel really good about this and this is my favorite card in your reading and Union did have the strongest energy around it.

The final card in your reading is Hope. A beautiful way to end such a positive reading. Always keep hope alive and in your heart.

Thanks again for letting me read for you. Please let me know if you have any questions or require any clarification. Feedback is much appreciated.

What do you think about TODAE?

Here’s an example of how I think they influence one another:

Card 1. - The Page of Sword.
Card 2. -  The Fool.
Card 3. -  The Six of Cup.

In Card 1 -  the querent may be trying too hard, pushing too fast, or in general stepping on the toes of others. You may need to study the body language of others, and consider how well you do (or do not) accept constructive criticism from others. You are likely to have a great deal of mental and physical energy now. Use it wisely. This Daesung to T.O.P being criticism of him.

In Card 2 -   The appearance of the Fool in the context of love could mean that you aren’t ready for a commitment yet, even though others may be pressing you for one. This is a positive harbinger for your love life; lots of fun seems to be in the offing. Just don’t let your desire for fun make you overlook “the real thing” (real, true, deep love) should it come your way now. 

Note: Daesung is straight man in a relationship with a women. He is very protective of her. He want her to be out of the spotlight and the media. Anyway, T.O.P have feeling for Daesung but Daesung is not gay or bisexual. T.O.P want to date Daesung but Daesung is dating this women at the moment.

In Card 3 -   If you’re currently in a romantic relationship, this card can indicate that a relationship may need to be “refocused” toward the future. Talk about your goals and dreams. Try new things. It’s important now not to be stuck in the past. On occasion this card will signify the re-appearance of an old lover in your life. Think long and hard before re-starting an old romance. Exes are usually “exes” for a reason. 

Note: Daesung is growing up and moving on with his life. He cherish his relationship with T.O.P . I see T.O.P isn’t growing up like Daesung in mature level of getting married and start a family and going to the army.  T.O.P to stay in the past of their relationship and I see T.O.P going back to his old exes soon.

5 Dollar Donation to THE DRESS!!

1. True Nature of the Querent’s feelings ~ The Emperess

This card represents a nurturing, compassionate, and loving motherly nature. You wish to love and take care of this person. You wish to nurture them, take care of them, and most of all love them.

2. How the crush feels about the Querent ~ 3 Cups Reversed

This card literally means what you have told me, they know you through friends and that how they only know you. However this is a positive card, it can mean they do like you in a positive way. Whether as friends or romantically. They may most likely have some feelings for you.

3. How would the crush react if the Querent confessed their feelings toward them ~ 10 Pentacles

This is actually quite positive! While their lives might be going well for them, it is going to get better when you tell them you have feelings for them. It will make their head spin. New possibilities for a better and secure life will come to mind about you.

4. Best way for the Querent to act around their crush ~ 10 Cups Reversed

This card is positive but it is recommending to wait for the right time to tell your crush how you feel. Delay your actions until you find the right moment and time. The next card should explain why.

5. Does the Querent’s crush have other men/women in their life ~ 5 Wands

Your crush currently has some competition for some for some romantic partners. They may be talking to other possible partners or even dating some people. Get some insight on why your crush may be single or not seeing anyone, then tell them how you feel.

6. Outcome ~ 10 Wands Reversed

This card means feeling overwhelmed because of the competition and wanting to tell your crush how you feel, it can be draining. The best thing to do is stay positive and be patient. During this time work on your relationship with this person. They obviously have some feelings for you, so try to build that relationship more. While doing so you can figure out if they are free to make your move. Just remember to keep that upbeat attitude so you are not drained and feel under pressure all the time like the 10 of wands.

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anonymous asked:

I need your help I recently bought a Tarot deck ((it was my first time)) with my mother's permission. However she did not know that I bought Tarot cards so today she and my father confronted me. Saying that I shouldn't be using them bc they are "witchcraft", I proceeded to ask if I could keep them and they said we will see when they get here. Any advice on how to convince them to let me keep the cards, just in case they are leaning in more of a no answer. I really wanna keep them!

You know what’s really hard to do? Change people’s minds when they feel a moral responsibility to protect you – even if you have proof that they happen to be misinformed. 

They might not listen, and if they do, they simply might not believe you. Because you know what else parents hate? Being proved wrong by their kids. 

Try not to hold it against them.

But I won’t send you into battle unarmed, Querent. Below are a handful of facts and links that might help your case. For your sake, I hope the deck you bought isn’t a particularly spooOOOoooky one.

• Traditional tarot decks draw heavily from early Christian symbolism, using imagery that is commonly seen in religious artwork and architecture from the Renaissance. For example, three of the four cardinal virtues have their own cards: Strength, Justice, and Temperance. The Pope is represented, as is the Devil. The Last Judgment from the book of Revelation is portrayed, and what we know as The World once depicted the new Jerusalem.

• The Major Arcana (the cards most people are familiar with because of witches on TV) classically serve as a sort of storybook about the soul’s journey to illumination, the ultimate triumph of God’s will over worldly concerns.

• The cards were historically used for gameplay as well as divination. So were dominoes, dice, coins, and pretty much anything else that introduces an element of chance. Tarot cards have a worse reputation because their vibrant imagery lend themselves to spooOOOoooky fantasies, but try to remember: paper and printing-presses were a fairly new technology at the time, so these folks really wanted to make the most of them!

• The Bible is actually quite inconsistent in its forbidding of divination, as you can read here

• No belief in spirits or ESP is necessary to use tarot cards. It is enough to simply interpret the symbols on a random selection of cards – you actually do “read” them. You can learn all about how that works from this book. The cards do not belong to any particular tradition of mysticism, pagan or otherwise. They can be (and have been) used by just about anyone, including a bunch of rotten Victorian occultists. 

• Divination (the use of an oracle to receive input from the divine) is not actually the same as witchcraft. Religious people perform divination when they ask for a sign. Non-religious people do it when they flip a coin. Divination is a passive act, it is supplication. Witchcraft, on the other hand, is active – the pursuit of one’s aims through magic. Do witches use divination? They might! But they also use brooms. Are brooms evil?

• By that logic, any perfectly ordinary tool can used to cause harm to others. It can be also used constructively. It entirely depends on the hands which wield the tool. 

Basically, I’d try to convince them that everything they know about tarot cards comes from movies and TV – not a reputable teacher on any subject. You can learn a lot about the history of religion and philosophy from studying tarot cards! Invite them to learn with you.

But also, it’s really not worth getting in a huge fight about. If push comes to shove, I’d be happy to teach you a bit about the I Ching sometime, and there’s not much they could object to there. 

TV witches don’t use the I Ching!

(They probably should though!)

Good luck, and update us when you can.

Okay, guys. I’ve been pondering something for a while, and I might be acting on it soon. I just want to let you know that soon, I will be closing down anon asks. The reason being is;

I have no problem answering privately. I’m reading for you guys, giving you the insight and advice you need to hear, and answering privately is a whole lot better for me, too. So don’t be afraid to ask me off anon, I will comply to your terms ^_^

I get a lot of non-answerable questions, with no insight, and no way to privately consult the querent

I don’t usually get feedback from the querent when they’re on anon

If I DO get feedback, there’s no way to talk to them privately, or figure out which reading was theirs (unless they state it)

so I will be closing them down sometime soon. When things get busier for me. But until then I will answer anons to the best of my abilities. I hope you understand. With love, -Hound<3

The Veil (Penny Dreadful) Tarot Reading: 1. What the querent sees- VII of Cups- fantasies, lies, imagination 2. The Veil (why the querent does not see the whole truth) XXI the World- being pulled in too many directions, being able to understand the many points of view 3. The Truth- XVI the Tower- collapse of convictions, fall from grace, deserved punishment

anonymous asked:

Can I have a reading regarding my ex best friend, does he miss me in any way? It's been a long time and I just keep hoping we'll be friends again but I'm running out of hope.

Ok, I’m sorry but I don’t feel comfortable doing this reading for a few reasons:

1. I’m usually very wary about trying to see what another person is thinking if they are no longer communicating with the querent.  It just feels like…a gross violation of privacy to me.  I have rare cases where I’ll do it but..this just isn’t one of them.

2.  You claimed its been a long time since the two of you last spoke.  I don’t know the circumstances that it stopped but I don’t want to make it so you potentially gain more hope when there may not be any.  This is a very delicate topic and I could potentially cause you to become more stuck on this. 

I really think what you should do is make an attempt to try and become friends again.  If they turn you down, grieve and then move on.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you what you wanted.  

Many Blessings

anonymous asked:

I started offering free readings recently and it's been going ok so far. But tonight a bit of anxiety kicked in because I know there will be times it's not so great, like I'll screw up or a querent will get mad at me for something, and I don't know if I'll be able to handle that. The idea freaks me out.


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