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Queensboro Bridge Sunrise Photograph by Mabry Campbell, New York City, 2012 Mabry Campbell Photography: Website

New York City - Sunset


Sunsets are skipped heartbeats:

full of light and suspended in time,

they are the trailed off, long ends

of phrases uttered

by the city and sky

when their faces are close

and kisses are imminent.


This is a view of the skyline of midtown Manhattan including the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. It was taken with the Sony A99 during a brilliant sunset that emerged after a rather dramatic rainstorm. The rooftops in the foreground are the rooftops of Long Island City, Queens. To the right is the Queensboro Bridge (also known as the 59th Street Bridge, and the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge).


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Under the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. Midtown. New York City

I had a recurring dream when I was younger that puzzled me for years. It involved boarding a hovering bubble shaped vehicle and ascending over the skyscrapers until I was soaring under the bridges and through the cavern-like spaces of the city. It was euphoric but also terrifying at the same time. When I was older, I finally relayed the dream to someone and they laughed and asked if I had ever taken the Roosevelt Island tram when I was very young. I had no recollection of it. It prompted me to ask my mother if we had ever done such a thing and she said it was possible but she couldn’t remember a specific time that we would have done it (my mother, like me, is absolutely terrified of heights). It’s possible that my family took the tram to Roosevelt Island at some point and the experience embedded itself deep into my imagination where it mixed with other flights of fancy (pun intended) of flying through a Gotham-like city like Batman.

So, when I found myself photographing the underbelly of the 59th Street Bridge (also known as the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge or just the Queensboro Bridge) with the Sony A99 late last week, it was hard not to recall those earlier dreams and feelings they invoked while I stood there waiting for the long exposure to capture 30 seconds of what had haunted me for years. The bridge is one of my favorite ones in the city. Its architecture is distinctive when viewed from the side but I absolutely love how slick and dripping-with-sci-fi-overtones it appears when viewed from below. The bridge travels from darkness into the light of a gleaming New York City as the water below it only stirs with the occasional disruption of a boat. You can also make out the cables that the Roosevelt Island tram travels on to the right of the bridge.


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