Queen of Arendelle


ok so i know how everyone thinks that the Queen of Corona and the Queen of Arendelle would be sisters, but what if the Queen of Corona and the King of Arendelle were siblings.

think about it, the queens don’t look that much alike except for their hair, but the King of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona do.

they have the same eyes (color and shape), same pursed lips, and their hair shows similar styles and waviness, along with graying in the same areas.  they look more alike than the two queens do.  

Elsa and Anna look nothing like Rapunzel (and every girl shows a striking resemblance to their mother)

the Queen of Arenedelle and the Queen of Corona actually don’t look alike at all.

just a thought, what do you think?


theory: the Original Snow Queen was the one who granted (or cursed) Elsa with Ice powers. Queen Mother was lost in a wintry forest for awhile when she chanced on the Snow Queen, who conveniently was also looking for an heir to pass on her powers and become the new Snow Queen.

Partly inspired from the fanfiction ‘Born or Cursed'  by TwiddledSpire. I’ve actually had this headcanon/theory for a long time now, and one of my speculation for the Plot of Frozen’s sequel is that there will be an enemy with magical powers of sorts, trying to invade Arendelle. In this case, maybe Elsa can ask the original snow queen for help…or somehting. i dunno, it’s just a nice idea

Snow Queen’s design taken from early Disney Pre-Frozen concept sketches 

UPDATE: more information here


Appreciation post for the king and queen of Arendelle

Because these two get so much more hate then they deserve. They are just humans making human mistakes. Which, might I remind you, is one of the movie’s messages. That people make bad choices when they’re mad or scared or stressed. But that doesn’t necessarily have to mean they’re a bad person. And no one can deny they deeply loved Anna and Elsa.

Elsa's Lullabye (an original fansong)
  • Elsa's Lullabye (an original fansong)
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Yep, this is entirely mine. Not a cover, not a rewrite, nothing. My words and tune and voice, everything! I made it in GarageBand. I’m pretty proud of myself considering I don’t play any instruments. I’m a chorus kid, I just sing what’s on the page, so this is really my first venture into making something completely on my own. 

Note: I don’t at all approve of the king and queen’s actions, even if they were ‘well-intentioned’ they were still cruel. Emotional stimulus is necessary for children, and so is support. Still, Elsa clearly loved them and I do think they loved her, in their own fearful way.

I imagine the Queen of Arendelle singing this to Elsa, sitting at the end of the bed. She doesn’t dare come closer, stroke Elsa’s hair as she does Anna’s. Not that strange pale hair. It reminds her too much of Anna’s near death. Still, as Elsa tosses and turns in fitful sleep, she can still bring herself to sing to her daughter. Regretful, but resigned.

“Sleep, dear one, sleep on the soft, soft snow

A star has come down to rest on your nose

The sky is asleep, and you should be too

You’re my little princess, and I love you

Sleep, by a river iced over like glass

Watch as the years, days and moments pass

The sun is abed and the moon is above

Cold may be cold, but love is still love

Rest on your pillow, the sweet birds will sing

One day you’ll grow up, a glorious queen

But for now let the star rest gathered in your hand

It’s beautiful and strong, but they won’t understand

Sleep, dear one, sleep in your soft bed at home

Long as I’m living, you won’t be alone

The sun is abed and the moon is above

Frozen is frozen, but love is still love

Your life may be frozen, but you have my love..”