Ten years since the pilot, it’s clear to me that Lost cemented itself in the TV pantheon as the show with the most involving, entertaining, community-like experience. Lost was the show that made you want to feel a part of something, and a lot of that was because of how incredible its timing was during an era of remarkable technological innovation.
—  From an article in Quartz that explains the cultural significance of the show “Lost”. 

This beautiful creature is a red phantom with sprinkled hematite rain and a key. Never think of a quartz as a possession you own or a material possession that has monetary value. Know they are living and they are companions and aids in your becoming. You do not really own them and you cannot make them stay. They will break themselves against your will. A way of manifesting their power to you. #SymbolicLanguge This companion will aid me this week on a vision quest. All people use many different methods to obtain vision but my methods include: calling upon companions (quartz aid or passed family members), fasting, sun gazing, isolation, moon scrying, quartz scrying, or candle mediation. There is a symbolic language in ceremony and ritual performance that most will find visions and answers but most of all a resolution. This world will make it taboo and people may think it’s strange but the mind must unlock from this side of the world. The side of order and obligation. The side of placement and station. Everyone’s way is different but you will find the crazier you get the more sane you become. #Shaman #quartz #guide #phantom #crystal #keyQuartz #ShamanPractitioner #visionQuest #companions #escape #crystalVisions #become #enlightened #lightworker