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The truth in question was specifically the True Thing, so if it is false that's rather problematic for the whole Deceiver cause. It was a questioned aimed at your own question (itself a response to a question), "If the lie is critical to the existence of a thing, can it be said to be the True Thing?" In other words what I was really asking was, "If a lie is critical to the existence of the True Thing, is it really a lie?"

The True Thing is in itself complete; any exterior component is by necessity part of the Lie.  If you find a lie to be critical to what you believe to be the True Thing, than what you have found is not the True Thing.  If you were to find a critical part of the True Thing, you would be unable to distinguish it from the whole as it is technically singular.

rodineysantiago: It was another nice day in California Relaxing by the pool at this beautiful house. I am taking some time to get everything in my head together, and get my plans & life more planned out for the coming months. Much needed. I’ve been on a nonstop roller-coaster lately. I know I am in control of the way I see each & every part of my life. Some time when I get down or negative about something I change my mind and imagine not being blinded by fear, frustration, resentment or envy. It’s just a matter of making the choice to see each thing in life from a positive perspective. The quality of life is driven by the quality of YOUR perspective. See the goodness, and that goodness will fill your world. #keepingpositive #beingpositive #nevergiveup #lifeistoshort [x] #rodineysantiago

Zander Nosler, Founder of Kitsbow Mountain Bike Wear shares his unique perspective on quality and products standing the test of time.

There are a few products in my life (mostly in the #EveryDayCarry genre) that have just gotten better with age. My iPhone, my pocket knife, and my denim. Yeah, that’s right, my iphone. I’m pretty careful with that ridiculously useful piece of tech, but I don’t put it in a case, either. And the iPhone 5 is the first iPhone that took a patina of use with some grace. For that reason, it’s my favorite iPhone they’ve designed. Minor cracks on the back glass, a good ding on a corner and lots of burnishing on the edges gave it character, but also made it mine.

Check out the Environmental Health Perspectives study: “Effects of Ambient Coarse, Fine, and Ultrafine Particles and Their Biological Constituents on Systemic Biomarkers: A Controlled Human Exposure Study.”