I’ve never been a maid of honor before. This is my first time, and it’s really, really important to me because this is my best friend, who I’ve known since I was born. And she’s marrying someone I’ve known since I was 4.“ The pair decided to search at Reem Acra “because that’s one of her (and my) favorite designers. Reem does the most amazing bridal designs, and Brittany and I were looking through Vogue, and she pointed to this one gown, and I was like, ‘I wonder if we could go to the showroom…‘” Because she’s the ultimate BFF, the singer — who’s enjoying some time between stops on her 1989 World Tour — made a couple calls. “And sure enough, it was the best day ever. It was so amazing.
—  Taylor on wedding dress shopping for Britany Maack (x)

We all want to have that one person with a never ending patience and superb understanding skills. Someone who would take us back mistake after mistake. One who would never give up on us no matter how tough times get or how much of a burden being with us is becoming. We all want to have that one person who would still say I love you after we have hurt them. Someone who wouldn’t trade us for anything. Someone who would sacrifice everything they have just to make us stay. Someone who would do anything just to keep us. We all want to have that one person who can love us enough to stay and who can love us more to not let us go.

However, here’s the ugly truth: each one of us has limits. We can be very patient, understanding and we could love unconditionally to the point that we look like fools but those can’t go on forever. Because human as we are, we get tired. We get numb. We walk away.

So if ever you meet that one person, do anything to keep him/her too. Remember, he/she can’t put up with you forever as soon as it dawns on him/her that there is another person who can do all the things he/she has been doing for you.

—  Do your part because believe me, losing such a person would definitely hurt. (m.b)