30 Days of TAH - Day 23 - Beyond Belief Quotes

Okay, it’s been awhile since Day 12 when we did Sparks Nevada quotes, but you’ve now had eleven days to prepare for today, since you knew it was coming.  It’s time for your favorite Beyond Belief quotes!  Pick at least three, but go for as many as you want!

Today’s artwork was once again provided by the awesome groglog.  Thank you, yet again! You rock!


No problem FYTAH, it’s been tons of fun conceptualizing designs. I love the quote posts, because they give me the opportunity to think back on all the great episodes and laugh all over again. The quotes that appear here are in no particular order with the exception of my favorite quote which I will save for last and bookend with an alternative take on today’s cover image. So without further adieu…


5. Pterodactyl on Third

Pterodactyle Jones: I began delivering packages for men in ties and jackets.

Sadie Doyle: The Maafeeuh!

(Sadie Doyle’s mispronunciations are often some of my favorite moments in a Beyond Belief segment, this quote in particular I feel encompasses how her well timed interpretations of a word can make me burst out laughing. Amazing!)


4. Wishing Hell Or The Haunting of Howard Schreder

Frank Doyle: Sadie, please. Do not taunt the nightmare clown monster.

Sadie Doyle: Or what? He’ll get in his small car with all his other friends and drive away? They can use the high occupancy vehicle lane!

Nightmares the Clown: Really, I’m not that kind of clown.

Sadie Doyle: Oh, oh. No clown friends? Sad clown.

Nightmares the Clown: I AM NOT A SAD CLOWN!


Sadie Doyle: Cloooown, clown, your male patten baldness is hilarious.

(All of the Sadie/Nightmares dialogue could be included here, but I think these quotes sum up their relationship quite nicely. There are a ton of particularly great one’s in ‘The Haunting of Howard Schroeder’ but I want to save more discussion of that episode for my final quote…).


3 & 2. The Bloodsucker Proxy

Johnny Vampire: Vampire names being what they are, the only limit is your imagination.

Frank Doyle: Alright, Johnny Vampire.


Frank Doyle: Yes, and your competition is essentially a pair of Italian greyhounds, a stiff breeze could take them. You’re a shoe in to win in a truel.

Johnny Vampire: What’s a truel?

Frank Doyle: Three person duel, read a book.

(Quotes 3 and 4 come from the same episode because with Bloodsucker Proxy everyone is in top form, but especially Paul F. Tompkins and John Hodgman. Their dialogues as Johnny Vampire and Frank Doyle provide some of the funniest moments.)


1. The Haunting of Howard Schroeder

Sadie Doyle: There is simply nothing in the world that could possibly frighten Frank and Sadie D.. Uh *Gasp* Oh! Frank look!

Frank Doyle: What is it, What Darling!

Sadie Doyle: A bee got in here!

Frank Doyle: What? NOOOO!!!

Frank Doyle: This bee is indoors! Circling like a very small air shark!

Sadie Doyle: He has a knife for a bottom and he can at any time tooshie-stab any one of us!

(I have a feeling this one is going to end up on a couple of lists, I adore this quote because it is a joke set up a few episodes back about the Doyle’s shared melissophobia and is one of the few moments we see them lose their cool. The whole exchange with the bee is hilarious, but I extracted these parts because they still make me laugh the hardest every time I listen. Also, tooshie-stab, the greatest word to describe a bee sting ever conceived.)




Probably my greatest joy in life comes from Acker & Blacker’s Beyond Belief. I showed my amorous adoration previously on this tumblah with the fanart I did last summer (which, waggles eyebrows, might actually become a print featured at their shows) but my latest labor of nerd love has been to legofy my favoritest of sousy supernatural sleuths. I’m probably a little TOO proud of this considering I’m a 32 year old adult male, but as Will Ferrell said, that age 14 label on the Lego box is just a suggestion. Now, who the devil at Lego do I need to petition to get a penthouse playset build for these two and their friends and foes?

A portrait of Patton Oswalt as Pterodactyl Jones, the house detective of the most haunted hotel in New York City, The Opal, and his dinosaur-ghost sidekick, Harvey. Their adventures can be heard on the Beyond Belief episode “The Devil and Mr. Jones” on The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Patton’s likeness still isn’t as close as I’d hoped, but Harvey makes up for it, I think.

Soon to be colored and turned into a cigarette card. Stay tuned.

Pterodactyl Jones (Inland Empire, CA) - "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" (Official Video)

Pterodactyl Jones (Inland Empire, CA) – “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” (Official Video)

The newly formed group, Pterodactyl Jones, which consist of Noa James & Curtiss King just released their debut video “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.” The beat is produced by OhGoshLeotus and the video was shot & edit by D9 Films. The self titled Pterodactyl Jones album will be releasing soon!…

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30 Days of TAH, day 13

Day 13: Pick at least three to five non-major characters in all of the TAH-verse, and talk about why they’re your favorites.  Who are those standout characters?  Who do you think could carry their own breakout segment like Phillip Fathom, The Troubleshooter or Cactoid Jim?

In no particular order:

1. The Barkeep. The guy’s omnipotent and still as humble and peace-loving as ever. He could probably solve every problem in the show but he hangs back because his wife doesn’t want him getting into trouble. I think that’s lovely. And after the newest episode I would love to see a whole episode of his and Harriet’s home life.

2. Pterodactyl Jones. He lives in a noir movie and his best friend is a ghost pterodactyl. I think we would all watch that TV show. His overwrought similes are amazing.

3. Dream Girl. I dunno, I think she’s cool. For all that we hear about her teaming up with this and that, she’s rarely ever seen. She finally got to show her prowess in “Uncanny Exes”, but I felt that episode’s plotline was weak and she deserves another turn in the spotlight.

4. uM JIB JANEEN will I ever stop bringing up Jib Janeen in these, probably not. He’s the funniest thing. I think we’ve seen plenty of him, though, so I am hesitant to say he should have a spin-off episode all to himself. He might wear out his welcome.

5. The Saloon AI, mostly for when she gained sentience and went off to become a bounty hunter. A walking building. Hunting bounties. With the code name La Diabla. I was kind of sad when she got reset. That could have gone places.

30 Days of TAH: Supporting Characters

Who are your 3-5 favorite non-main recurring characters? What break-out character would you like to see spun off into his or her own series? 

I like this one, and I have put some thought into it. One of the things that makes Thrilling Adventure Hour good is that even the supporting characters seem to have a life outside of their appearances on the show.

First of all, Pterodactyl Jones from Beyond Belief. Not only is he a hardboiled, two-fisted detective, he (sometimes) talks like a Damon Runyon character, which is one of my favorite things in the world. It requires never using contractions and always speaking in the present tense, even when talking about the past. In recent PJ episodes, that’s been kind of buried under the talk of dames, so I’d like to see Pterodactyl out on his own, meeting dames and using the phrase “more than somewhat.”

(EDIT: Wait, it’s Dave Henderson that talks like Damon Runyon, isn’t it? Whatever, he can have a spinoff too. Spinoffs for everyone, that’s my motto)

Next, I’m going to mix it up a bit. How about Tales of the Hobo Princess? I see this as being set among the various Hobo Royalty in Moonshine Holler, maybe taking fairy tales and Hobo-ifying them. The Hobo Princess and the Pea. Hobo Beauty and the Beast (Who Is Also A Hobo). That sort of thing. I realize that making the Hobo Princess an actual character could feel weird to Moonshine Holler, but what if these were framed as stories hobos tell each other around the fire?

I need someone from the Sparks Nevada universe, but those characters get spinoffs all the time. Like, I love the Troubleshooter, but there’s already Tales of the Troubleshooters. So I propose a mismatched-roommates series entitled NiceMan Dan and the Preacher. NiceMan Dan, of course, is a polite shoemaker who’s also an outlaw. And the Preacher is from very early in the series, played by either Dave (Gruber) Allen or John DiMaggio. I always liked his brand of space-crazy, and I think he’d be fun with Dan. Adjunct Professor Genius can be their wacky neighbor who’s always barging in to borrow a cup of science.

Now, this next segment would be completely without drama, so I don’t know how popular it will be. But in The Adventurekateers’ Clubhouse, three to five Adventurekateers sit around, gossip, and occasionally check the radio to see if there’s trouble. Because if there’s trouble, they need to call Captain Laserbeam! There never is, though. So did you hear what Keith said about Sasha?

Also, Carlysle Ravencastle, Dark Husband to the Midnight ought to have his own thing. I don’t even care what happens in it, as long as he dramatically announces his name a lot. There’s also room for Johnny Vampire. Oh! They can specialize in Vampire Law, that show that Sadie would not watch! Done.

Bonus (AKA Sixth Option that I’m sneaking in): Jib Janeen, Jupiter Spy. I’m not sure this would make sense as its own segment, because the fun comes from how bad his “impersonations” are. But I don’t see why Jib couldn’t sneak into the other segments occasionally. Consider what would happen if Jib posed as Gummy. Right?