I’m proud of me
from the top of my head
to the tips of my toes
I’m proud of me
as i stand high
from the ground i rose
I’m proud of me
from every trial
to every triumph
I’m proud of me
I breathe in
breathe out
breathe in
breathe out
i appreciate the little things a lot more now
from every piece of food i taste
to every tear that races down my face
because of sadness handed to me by misfortune
I’m blessed to be alive
sometimes my cheeks hurt from my smiles
and my feet hurt from the miles
i’ve traveled to reach some semblance of peace
I’m proud of me
I’m proud of me
I’m proud of me

and to my soldiers who didn’t make it
i don’t blame you
I look at your departure as your final message
you’re saying
pay attention to people and things
pay attention to the good and bad that life brings
although i wish that you were here to tell me that
but i know that the sickness became too much
i dont know how I made it
But I will stay awake
until i figure out a way
through the night and day
to make the stigma behind your departure less taboo
rest in peace

but i hope you know
that i’m proud of me

In the middle of the camp, a group of Navy men from Corregidor erected a post from which they hung a rusty metal triangle. It looked something like the traditional dinner chimes found on ranches and farms back home, though larger and cruder. Every half hour the designated timekeeper would go out with a stovepipe in his hand and give the contraption a set number of songs in accordance with an old Navy custom called “sounding the watch.” The system was a little intricate until one got used to it. Far from dulcet, the tone of the ring was hard and sharp, a metallic sound punctuating the day with seriousness. The Cabanatuan prisoners came to like it, though, for segmenting the blur of chronology, for the sense of orderliness it brought. To some, it sounded like the proud, clear voice of duty.
—  Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II’s Greatest Rescue Mission, by Hampton Sides


Proud to be a soldier, OMG, how I love this band!!! Can’t wait to hear “The hunting party”!!!

Meet the IDF’s First Female Christian Officer.

Yasmin Chayach has become the first female Arabic-speaking Christian to complete the Israeli army’s officers course

Chayach was following family tradition by volunteering for service in the IDF, as her brother before her was also a proud Israeli soldier.

The Chayach siblings are part of a growing movement of young Arabic-speaking Israeli Christians who are choosing to do national service. 

Many of these young people have come to understand, contrary to mainstream teachings in the Arab world, that Israel is not their enemy, but rather their safe haven. As such, they are increasingly eager to integrate with Israeli Jewish society and become strong, loyal and productive citizens of the state.

Chayach’s promotion also further highlights the pervasive role of women in the Israeli military. A full 90 percent of all jobs and positions in the Israeli army are open to women.

soldiers-of-the-snow asked:

"So...I heard you got bitch slapped by an old lady today? And pretty good too, I think you need to hand me your man card, liebe." Bruhl said, chuckling sitting behind his desk watching Hellstrom. "Care to explain?"

Hellstrom then sighed, but hearing his words; he looked unamused. Chuckling then, he rubbed his now red cheek and looked to him; ashing his cigarette.

“Quite simple asshole, I said too much and well, she let me have it. I have to remember woman around here are not push overs, they will kick your ass.” He says, then taking a long drag, stomping it out now as a small amount of blood came from his mouth now.


I’m actually hella proud of this one idk why but it makes me smile

I really love decals, and I wanted a female soldier one. I looked everywhere for one but could never find one of a female. So I have decided to make my own and this is what I have come up with. I plan on having at least 20 made as I might sell some. (Future business with personalized products) I will be working on more to have more of a variety. Still learning so I am a rookie. 


• Renji looks about 25, but he is 98 years old post-death. His other friends died shortly after him, with Rukia being the youngest of them (she currently clocks in at 63 years old). As the others died prematurely, most of their ages were not known.

• He is extroverted and truly likes other people. However, he is a bit of a control freak and while he is generally respectful it is sometimes difficult to avoid pissing him off. When threatened, he can get mean. Worse is when you threaten someone he cares about, because he’s almost impossible to calm down and goes fully vicious.

• It is often off-putting to be around Renji because of how gruff he is. He is a soldier and proud of his power, and feels like he has to express it to remind others (and himself) that he is a strong person. This is in line with his staggering tenacity and practically vicious behavior in battle.

• However, if he is close to someone, it’s easy to tell, because his friendly, warm side shows through. When he truly values someone, he takes note of things about them (such as Izuru’s acute depression after the Soul Society arc) and will try be sensitive to their needs.

• Despite the above, it is not natural for Renji to be a tactful person. Being an expressive, sort of “heart-first-brain-later” person has its drawbacks in his relationships with others. There are a lot of “oh fuck, I didn’t mean, oh god I’m sorry” moments with him because sometimes he just doesn’t think.

• He is a well-meaning person and rarely outright selfish. He gets gratification when he feels like he does the right thing. However. If he feels like he can get away with being a dick to get his way without causing any permanent damage, he will. No questions asked. Self-preservation is deeply ingrained in him and part of that comes from getting what he wants.

• He doesn’t like having to take orders. He hates the feeling of subservience because it makes him feel like he’s not in control of his life.

• Renji’s relationship with his captain has improved since the Soul Society arc. Even though he’s still mad at Byakuya for his treatment of Rukia, Renji feels it isn’t his place to get involved, because he feels Rukia can work it out for herself. Even if he is protective, he does not want to be invasive. 

• As he doesn’t often sit down and think about it, Renji’s gender is still an uncertain matter. My headcanon is that he is a demiguy and is uncomfortable with identifying as strictly “male” because it is an alienating idea to him, and so is using “they” pronouns. He likes wearing feminine lingerie, as well, especially fishnet tights and accessories with ribbons and silk.

• Renji is demisexual and sparingly romantic. When he’s in a relationship, he goes whole-hog about it, but when he’s not it’s rarely something he worries about. If he gets a crush, he can push it aside fairly easily so that he can go about his business, but if he wants to do something about it, the longer he holds it the more frustrated he gets. 

• Related to the above, Renji does NOT like keeping things inside. Can he? Absolutely. Will he? If it will help someone else (or he thinks it will) or save them trouble, sure. Will he like it? Not one bit. Even if he gets some satisfaction from doing right by other people, it is very uncomfortable for him to not express himself. So the amount of things he has kept hidden in the past is somewhat alarming.

• Renji personally relates himself to dogs. Not just because he grew up in Inuzuri , but because when he was there, wild dogs would often be near him. He liked how they ran in packs and shared food like a family. Before he met the other young boys and Rukia, he admired their social lifestyle. Currently, he frequents Inuzuri on his days off to give food to children and dogs he finds, as well as to tend to his friends’ graves.

• Renji’s relationship with Zabimaru is, while mostly stable, somewhat uncomfortable. Zabimaru likes to remind him of his mistakes, most of which Renji buries to get by day to day. The snake head especially likes to berate him ruthlessly, because it represents his highly self-critical personality, and the sinking feeling that he hasn’t done enough to make up for his faults. 

• The monkey head, on the other hand, makes up the more self-interested side of him, like his strong desire to fight, like, all the time, his frustration with others that he doesn’t want to express, and his desire to be not only the best he can be, but The Best in some way, and to have control and free expression around others.

• Renji likes to engage others by challenging them. This is clear in his attitude towards the Sixth Division, but because they are his comrades and he values them all, his warmth shows through more often than not. He is very popular among his division because of his provocative, “cool older brother” persona, which many people find charming and encouraging. It helps ease his hidden strain to feel so respected by his subordinates.