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Aang & Parenting -- the creation of a no-win situation?

i definitely want to spend a bit of time just looking at the cloudbaby plotline this season. i totally recognise that this is not the end of the arc (or at least i hope so, as there is a ridiculous amount of unresolved emotional baggage) but the three episodes we’ve had addressing the family conflict did come to a mini conclusion in civil wars part 2.

i’ll start with the bad. while i absolutely loved the family picture and it was heartwarming to see thousands of people in the fandom also appreciate it, for me it solved absolutely nothing. and what’s worse upon reflexion i actually found it pretty ironic. the picture was shown right at the end of the episode and was arguably intended to highlight that at the end of the day, the avatar family was ultimately a happy one.


brilliant. apart from the fact that was never what kya and bumi brought up. their issues were that they did not have a “happy go lucky childhood” because aang systematically left them out, an issue that they carried around for 40 years without feeling they were able to talk about it with him. the picture narratively doesn’t actually go anyway to adjusting the important claims they made. kya and bumi just admitted they were projecting their legit annoyances with aang onto tenzin. 

the picture was ironic for me because it seemed to symbolise everything that kya found frustrating. a frozen moment of idealized happiness being used to paper over the cracks of issues that kya and bumi have carried around for decades. i completely understand that this plotline is all about nuance, and i totally recognise that kya, bumi and tenzin could have had a “happy” childhood while having issues with their dad. but for me that picture does nothing to address the disheartening claims kya & bumi introduced in 2x03. i really hope they will be addressed in later episodes. 

i consider myself a realistic optimist (that is a thing right?), but to be completely honest i can’t think a situation in which this cloudbaby plotline has a satisfying resolution. either kya and bumi realize that perhaps they were a bit too harsh on aang and that actually he was a pretty good (but not great) parent. in which case we’ve spent multiple episodes on a plot line that basically boils down to people having inaccurate internalized representations of their parents. or the other option i’ve seen lots of people talking about is that aang appears at some point and there is touchy feely stuff and kya + bumi leave feeling better about themselves. i really don’t think this will happen and if it magically did it would be pretty ironic. aang’s parenting issues were caused by him being the avatar, for him to then be able to connect with his children post-death because of him being the avatar ranks pretty highly on the irony scale. 

and this is ultimately my issue with cloudbaby plotline, the notion that they’ve opened a can of emotional worms that i’m not sure can be put back together again. i want to be proven wrong, and i’d be very interested if you guys can see a satisfying way of wrapping it up (assuming bryke even want an optimistic resolution…?). because for me the idea that aang can overcome his personal demons of not being there when his people died, finding a way of ending a 100 year world on his own terms and ultimately starting a new family — but that two of his own kids 18 years after his death still hold onto significant resentment and frustration towards him is more than disheartening. 

i realize this has probably been slightly incoherent, so i’ll attempt to try and sum up my what i’ve been trying to get at. for me the kataang family picture, regardless of how attractive they all look, doesn’t actually solve any of the issues kya and bumi brought up in the previous episode. and what makes me trepidatious is that i can’t see a way of resolving this plot line without it either being completely ironic or ultimately a lesson in unreliable witness testimony. 

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i just literally cant believe how anyone doesnt find that to be a really fucking ridiculous story on its face, like what the fuck


anonymous said:

warning: sexuality stuff? dunno if you wanna deal w that now or not. but I've been thinking I'm probably bi since I like both boys and girls and find them both attractive. But I'm only interested in pursuing relationships with men for a couple personal reasons and I'm just. should I not identify as bi then even if I think I am? would it be appropriating the lable? i am sorry this is such dumpster garbage baby trash. I'm asking you because you always come across as very honest about this stuff.

aw hey my fellow dumpster baby it’s aight we cool you can always ask about this stuff

i aint an expert or anything, but here’s my magical Bi Person Opinion: honestly, you do you. do i think you’re appropriating the label? no. i really don’t. i think that if you feel attraction to men and to women, you have exactly as much right to the word bisexual as any other tom, dick, or bisexual harry.

do i think you have to use it? nah dog. if you’re not comfortable id’ing that way rn bc you feel you are heteroromantic (or homoromantic if you’re a dude! the way this question was phrased suggested to me that you had previously id’d as straight, but i don’t wanna assume)

or if you simply do not want to be out right now, that’s ok, use whatever word you feel best represents your situation. ultimately, it is your choice. but imo, if you think you are bi, as you said in your ask, then to me, you are allowed to identify thusly, no restraints.

it can be hard to deal with in-between feelings. i’m gonna warn you rn that if you’re anything like me, you might find it hard to juggle your internal sense of self alongside the feeling that you are a Bad Queer, One Of The Rotten Ones, (Maybe Straight All Along). ten minute long fart noise at all that hard stuff. ten hour fart noise at anyone who makes you feel that way.

but the fact that you’re worried about this tells me that you are probably conscientious and aware of the nuances of privilege & oppression that go hand in hand with being openly lgbqa identified, so im not too worried for our international bi rep or anything. proud to have you on board, kiddo.

idk. as the official arbiter of bisexuality, if you’re happy, i’m happy. swear to god.


Let me first start off by saying that I have mad amounts of respect for the protesters in Ferguson. These pictures were taken about 5 blocks from my house in Newark, CA and lemme tell you a thing: this tank isn’t even active and just seeing it makes me hella nervous. I know it’s probably not even the same kind of tanks we’ve seen in Ferguson, but seeing weapons of war on US soil just freaks me the hell out.

Now imagine this tank actually coming toward you along with an army of police men with rubber bullets and tear gas while you stand unarmed. Just…I can’t describe how terrified I would be if I was in that situation. 

Please don’t let the posts from Ferguson or about Michael Brown die out. If this tank was pointed at me, I would want the world to know about it and not just forget about me. 

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Anslsjnsndskjss woah now we can't just let Crowley tAke the baby in the ransom imagine or whatever I don't remember the name but we need a part two. We need to have a part two were dean and Sam and reader hunt down Crowley and get the kid back. I was so ready to read the kick ass fight but it just ended with she's gone. YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME I NEED CLOSURE WE GOTTA GWT THE KID BACK. So a part two please love bug

SPOILER ALERT EVEN THOUGH IT’S IN THE REQUEST OF THE IMAGINE. I’d love to continue "Ransom" (props to you, you got the title right and everything!), but I’m in desperate need of requests for the next installment! If anyone’s interested in reading or supplying the next plot line, feel free to do so!