The G-Cans Project

Beneath Tokyo lies a series of tunnels known as the G-Cans Project. Beginning construction in 1992, the landscape was built to store water in the events of a possible tsunami or other type of flooding incident.

The space is also used for guided tours and for filming movies, and unfolds along 6.4 miles of tunnels, connecting the silos of 5 to 65 meters in height, at a depth of 50 meters under the surface of the city.



Project G by Clairtone

The Clairtone Project G stereo of Canada was produced by Clairtone from 1964-67 | Cost: $2000 new ($20,000 today) | It was promoted by Frank Sinatra, Hugh Hefner, Oscar Peterson and other celebrities and found a niche within Hollywood and other trendsetters. | The high price was prohibitive and prevented Project G from becoming a huge success. | Only 400 units were ever produced.

(Above) Frank Sinatra next to a Project G from the 1965 movie, “Marriage on the Rocks”. It was after filming this movie that he, so taken with the Project G, ordered 7 of them for himself and as gifts to his inner circle of friends. - Via


April 12 is a special day for all of us, since its your special day, Oh Sehun! (人´∀`)

I’m gonna try to keep this as short and as simple as I can, I know last year’s message was a bit too long and bit too creepy, hahaha. So, Sehun, happy birthday!! South Korea’s greatest flower boy and the world’s number one prince!! I want to thank you for making this world a happier and easier place to stay, not just for me but for all your fans. You are a truly talented and special human being, who only continues to work hard. I just want you to know that I, and so many of the thousands of hearts you’ve touched throughout the years, will always stand by you whatever you decide to do. I know I’ll be there to continue to support you, my prince of the stars. I wish you every happiness, every success, every wish of good health, and all the good things the world has to offer. It’s your day today, and you deserve everything you want, need, and more!  I’m really thankful for you and every heart you’ve managed to touch with just one of your powerful smiles, genuine laughs, your thoughtfulness or just your glance. I’d choose you in a million lifetimes, any time and any day. You’ve gotten so far from your trainee years, to your debut days, and now celebrating success with your most recent comeback, and you’re still super young! I will always be infinitely proud of you and happy that I get to support the Sehun we all know and love today. Thank you for being wonderful and lighting up my days with smiles and squeals. For making me happy, and so many other people as well.

So, Sehun!! Eat a lot and sleep well and have fun today! Don’t tire yourself out, stay healthy and keep warm when its cold and drink lots of water when its hot! Smile lots okay, your smile gives us all strength! Sorry if this sounds really cheesy, just as long as you’re happy today!!! I love you, happy birthday! ♡ ♡ ♡