Sergio Trujillo: Choreographer for Jersey Boys

Nominee: Outstanding Choreography, Drama Desk Award 2006       Nominee: Outstanding Choreography, Outer Critics Circle Award 2006

“The movement and choreography for The Four Seasons in Jersey Boys is purely fictional. I took great liberty in creating choreography that never existed. I worked closely with each one of the original four boys: Christian Hoff, Bobby Spencer, Daniel Reichard and John Lloyd Young to create vocabulary that was close to their character.

It was important for me to create movement that was inherent to that specific character. I became a tailor, creating every single step, nuance and mannerism that was organic to each of the Seasons.”

“My job on this show wasn’t just traditional choreography,” Trujillo said. “This is a very kinetic show, and I was responsible for almost all of what happens – the way the stage furniture moves around, how the characters get on to and off the stage.”

“…and then they put me in the room with the choreographer… and I can’t dance! And I was like, well now I’m certainly not getting it…” JLY


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American Theatre Wing The Next Generation (Working In The Theatre #356)


Wow this is so cute! Especially the origin of the string idea :)


A little over a year ago, Bianca Cheng Costanzo launched her Bloom Blanket project. The blanket simulated the folds of origami, but was not just an art piece, it could keep you warm too. As we watched the pledges for this intricate object come in, we wondered how she’d be able to manufacture them on such a large scale. Now that the blankets are in production, we asked her to tell us how she did it.

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Latest Threat to Troubled Region: Coffee Disease

Given the tragedy that befell Guatemala’s Western Highlands during the country’s decades-long civil war, a fungus that is killing the region’s coffee trees would seem minor by comparison.

But the fungus, known as coffee rust, or roya, threatens the livelihood of the poor farmers who have been eking out a living tending small groves of trees perched on the steep, forested mountainsides south of the Mexican border.

Keep reading the full story by Pulitzer Center grantee Philip Brasher. 


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What is the Modern Prometheus?
We want to create a gender bent modern Frankinstien, where we explore the relationship between the Doctor and the Creature. It will be a Sci-Fi-Esque piece that explores humanity, playing god, themes of mental illness and suicide. We want a female led cast to lead cast and crew because the statistics of women working in films are very low and we want to present women with an opportunity to work within their desired field.

What is invested already?
“Everything out of my own pocket I will happily live pennyless so I can do what I love.” - Producer. So literally, we have all pitched in out of our student loans and part time job wages to come up with…basically next to nothing, which is why we need you.

What is different about us as a production company?
Our production company is ran by students and young people. We don’t make any money off this at all. We do it purely because we love it and want to create beautiful cinema. We also want to represent diversity, by doing so we will be able to hopefully represent small minorities.

How do we plan to spend the money?
The money is going to go on travel, equipment, the occasional pizza run, costume, location hire. 

What will we do with profit? 
This is the IMPORTANT bit, 25% off everything we make will be donated to PAPYRUS [X] which is a suicide prevention charity. We want people to know that although our film does explore these themes, we are NOT promoting it and if anybody is going through this, they should immediately seek help and love and not be ashamed.
Everything else will go straight back into production budget ready for our next project.

Please help us raise some money, every penny counts. We will be so grateful to everyone who donates to us and it would truly mean the world to us!


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