Hey folks! I just started a Society6-store! Right now, there are only two prints for sale - the Birdman and my Lovecraftian blind girl - but I’m planning on adding others. I just need to dig through my folders and make some decisions. And in the interest of putting things up for sale that people actually want to buy, I’m opening the question up to you - and reblogs are, as always, greatly appreciated. The more answers I get, the better decisions I can make!

What sort of things would you like to see me sell via Society6?



It’s a first come first serve basis! Whatever is here is all I have left– After that, it’s over. If you are interested or have questions, just shoot me a message here on my tumblr!

I’ve split the photoset into categories: First set are my large prints; second set are my medium prints; third set are my mini-prints. The prices for each category is listed above!

  • You must be comfortable with giving me your address to ship/mail to
  • I am only shipping within the United States for now

If you want a full view of the prints, just go to my #boardwalkcon2k15prep tag.

****PRINT SALE****
Autograph 8x10 prints for $20 each
Free shipping in the United States ($5 extra for international shipping)
Message me to order!!! Sale ends tomorrow night at midnight (est)
Photos by: @pix2pick
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This “BET Uncut” Limited Edition Print goes up for sale tomorrow, Memorial Day, at 12 noon on! This edition is limited to 50 11" x 17" prints, on sale for $35 each. Make some time in between your cookouts to grab one of these before they’re gone!

Game of Thrones: Daenerys Watercolor Portrait

Background is made using the salt on wet watercolor.  Creates cloudy/ashy/spotty effect.

Check it out!  Daenerys watercolor I did!  Pretty awesome and I  have prints for sale on my website!  This took me a while but it was really fun!  Pretty big fan of Game of thrones, should I paint the other awesome people in it?

Instagram: annieartadventures

Print Shop:

El Matador Print Sale!!
8x10" – $50.00
Hey guys, I’m selling prints! You wanna buy some? Feel the warmth of the bright colors in these cold winter months!

They are archival inkjet prints on a really really nice Hahnemuhle Smooth Matte photo rag paper. Open edition, signed & dated on the verso. Shipping and tax included

If you’d like to pick one up send $50.00 via paypal to and leave your name and mailing address in the comments. Thanks & Reblog!


Tiny Showcase Special Print Edition

Victo Ngai

Remember the frogs? Originally commissioned by This American Life 500th Eps celebration. (You can read more here. )

I have been told that the giclee prints in my store are a bit too large for tiny homes and not very affordable for everyone. So I have decided to partner with Tiny Showcase to create a special 1 run edition of this popular image. 

“Up From The Well” is an edition of 250 prints. With a small border for framing, the print is sized to fit a standard 8" by 10" frame. The archival print was created by Tiny Showcase and ships with a corresponding certificate of authenticity. The archival artwork has been printed on a heavy 290gsm natural white print making paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton. AND, it’s only $25!! Buy it here

$250 of the profit will be donated to Houston’s Shaggy Dog Rescue, where I recently adopted my 3 years old shaggy mutt Dawson. Due to the lack of spay/neuter down south, many shelters are over-populated and have a very high kill rate. Shaggy Dog Rescue is one of the non-profit animal welfare organizations there dedicated to providing rescue services, vet care, foster care, and adoptive placement to stray and abandoned shaggy dogs. They also partner with Rescue Road Trip bringing southern dogs to northern homes. 

Get your paws on it before it’s gone! 



I’ve got a single print of each of these images for sale!

4x6 / glossy / super crispy / $10 includes delivery anywhere in the USA

I’ll delete them as they (hopefully) sell, so check the OP for availability

payment methods accepted: paypal, venmo, coachella ticket

If there’s lotsa interest, I’ll set up a print shop with all my shots!  hmu


I have the privilege of making a Steven Universe piece for San Jose State University’s Charity Committee. I love the show and the design of it too. It was so much fun to do this piece! I thought I should do a little process on how I did the piece as well. 

Please check out the other fabulous pieces that my fellow students and alumni’s. They’re all a steal for 8$!! You can see them here at: 

Please please check them out! or if you don’t have the funds please signal boost this. All proceeds go to charity; specifically the Angels on Stage Organization. 



A while back I made a piece for SHM’s Print-a-palooza charity of Amethyst. Well, now she’s with the other gems as well, with more sparkle! Yay!

I’ll be selling these at Fanime this year (starts tomorrow!!) in AA at table #1125! My homes Eric will also be selling rad art as well!


I still have a few copies each of these prints leftover from the print fair. If you’d like a print send me an e-mail at

They are all roughly 8x10" on Epson Premium Luster Paper
$20 US (includes shipping +tax)
A little more if international depending on where you are in the world.


Due to my dire financial crisis (the one where I’m suddenly and unexpectedly $3000 in debt to the government), I’m putting up a bunch more prints for sale!  So if you’ve seen/enjoyed my art on tumblr, PLEASE consider making a purchase. I need all the help I can get right now so I can feed my babies cats.  

And if you don’t need or want a print, but would like to make a donation, Ferry was kind enough to start a Chip In fundraiser for me, because she is the BEST PERSON.


  1.  Steve & Tony [snow]
  2.  Bruce & Clint
  3.  Steve & Tony sequential
  4.  Loki’s Punishment [snake]
  5.  Steve & Tony pieta pose [flag]
  6.  African/Racebent Thor & Loki
  7.  Loki & Svadilfari
  8.  Green Loki
  9.  Loki & Sleipnir
  10.  Gold Undersuit Tony


All prints are 8x10, except for Green Loki [5x10] and Loki & Sleipnir [8x8], which have more unique formats.


Unsigned 8x10/8x8/5x10 print: $10 

Signed 8x10/8x8/5x10 print: $15*

I accept paypal only.

*please note, the price for a signed print is not higher because I think my signature is worth something. It’s only that the shipping process for a signed print is more complicated, as I will have to have the print shipped to me prior to shipping it to you.


Shipping is $3 per order, and please note that this price is USA only. If you’re outside the USA, please let me know, and I’ll see about getting you an updated shipping quote before you make your final purchase.


If interested, please email me [] with your order info as follows:


ORDERING: [Name of print] x [quantity wanted]





Upon receipt of your email, I’ll get back to you with a quote, and paypal instructions.

Thank you all for your continued support. NO REALLY, THANK YOU!!

Please signal boost if you’re able!