How is it, a child could feel so out of place in the building that was suppose to be home?

How is it, they can sit night after night pulling a razor across their skin and not feel a thing?

And how is it, people can’t see the light leave their smiles? Or how they always walk with their head down because the weight of who they are is threatening to push the last life from their souls into the ground? Or how they don’t laugh anymore?

How is it, you believe “they just aren’t hungry” and that the marks on their wrists are from “the cat”?

Are you fucking blind? Or are you just playing dumb?

Because, how the hell do you miss the fact that you’re KILLING your own child? No- it’s not just laziness. No- it’s not just experimenting. No- it’s not for attention.

Maybe you never got to know them. Maybe you don’t care to either. And that’s sad as hell.

Weren’t you the ones who taught us to be unique and to dare to be different? Well that’s funny because now instead of promoting individually you’re punishing us for flaws in chemistry, mental illnesses, and our sexuality. When in reality that’s not our choice, because TRUST ME, if we could change it, most of us would.

You treat us like we are diseased but refuse to help us find a cure. You see the problem, and ignore it. And that’s incredibly sad.

So guess what?
Stop having double fucking standards. Stop teaching us one thing and then doing another,
You fucking hypocrites.

—  Dear Parents (how is it?)
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[Mark] died incredibly quickly. It was 11 days from diagnosis to death. He thought he was just suffering from asthma as he routinely did but then got diagnosed [with AIDS]. Of course these days he would have been given some antiretroviral medication and that would have been it – but we didn’t have such treatment then so we lost him really quickly, really early on and it was an absolute tragedy.

[Ben Schnetzer’s portrayal is] breathtakingly realistic. It’s a bit scary actually because it’s like Mark has come to life again.


LGSM co-founder Mike Jackson, on Mark Ashton’s death (x)

The real Mark Ashton:

Ben Schnetzer as Mark Ashton:

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In case any of you were wondering why I’m so obsessed with Jonathan Blake, here’s a starting point.