Homeland Security is purchasing 12,600,000 rounds of .223 annually over the course of five years for “training purposes”. Gosh, 62,500,000 rounds being sucked off the market won’t impact prices.

This is gun control through federal spending. Another executive agency action that no other branch is willing or able to check.


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toewses asked:

jedi pk subban or bust, jess

  1. the first time carey price (smuggler, gun for hire, the best pilot in fifteen systems and counting) meets pk, he doesn’t believe pk’s a jedi, and sarcastically calls him “master pk” for a week straight.
  2. it’s not until pk invites carey to corauscant, partially to show him around and partially because he needs help with a particularly discreet diplomatic mission, that carey finally believes him. “well, master pk,” he says, crossing his arms and double checking that his blaster is still in place, “i suppose i owe you an apology.” pk just laughs.
  3. five partnered missions later, pk’s spending more time on the habitant than in the temple, has tacitly participated in more than a few illegal activities, and fucked in the cockpit twice. he doesn’t regret any of it.
  4. pk’s lightsaber is purple. bright purple. occasionally it gets called flashy, or out of place, but pk retorts by saying that he found the crystal himself and if anybody takes any issue with his lightsaber, they can take issue with it in the practice rooms. with him. at thirteen hundred. you ready?
  5. despite his willingness to duke it out in the practice courts, pk’s biggest strength isn’t just the physical aspects – though he’s good at that too, of course. in fact, pk’s biggest asset isn’t fighting, or meditation, or being spiritually attuned. it’s the fact that he’s a personable son of a bitch, so friendly that it throws people off their guard.
  6. (well, we can’t all be sidney crosby, latest savior of the jedi order, can we? somebody’s got to make nice, and pk’s happy to do the job.)

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