Of all the exciting Jem news this has got to be one of my favorite bits - Ross’s cover for issue #1 is going to be on January’s Previews (out December 24th!) and it will be SPARKLY.


So, make sure to get your copy of Previews…I know I’ll be hunting down like…10. :)



Supernatural 10x09 The Things We Left Behind Preview

Life itself, is simple as fuck; it’s the people that we let into it that makes it complicated. All life is about is: eating, sleeping, and taking a shit; everything else is miscellaneous. You could go your whole life without going to school, getting a job, or having kids, but if you don’t shit for a week. You gon’ die.

quotes from my upcoming video ;P

-theluanlegacy (http://www.youtube.com/theluanlegacy)


The Flash - “The Man in the Yellow Suit” Extended Preview

The mid-season finale of The Flash, “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” airs Tuesday, December 9th on The CW.