Prefix Mag review of our recent gig in Cambridge MA

“Just when you thought emo was dying a peaceful death, opening band The World Is A (yeah, can’t be arsed to type the whole pretentiousness out) found a way to graft its ugly hide over the bones of post-rock, and ended up with seven members making the sounds that a quartet should be capable of. Whether or not those sounds need to be heard is a different problem.

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Dumbfoundead: “Korean Jesus” (Video)
Prefix Mag

West coast Korean hip hop artist Dumbfoundead just dropped another dope track from his upcoming sophomore album Take The Stares. In this next cut, “Korean Jesus” from the record has Dumbfoundead dropping some sick verses about well, everything you need to know about the Korean Jesus and the life of the enlightened one in showing off that swag in Koreatown. And compared to the last track he released in “Growing Young,” the bass and beats hits you much harder showing an amazing level of versatility.

POST EUPHORIA 2 drops for free Nov 5th!!!!!!!!

Prefix Mag just premiered the 1st single “G R U N G E H O T E L”

I am so hyped right now. This is one of my favorite songs on the EP but I can confidently say it’s not the best either. This beat is one of the beats that made me realize I no longer have to rely on sampling to make my best beats. I also am realizing being a bedroom producer can get a little boring so I had my friend Jason “Phingaz” Brown play some rad guitar which really sealed the deal for my vision of this specific jam. Lyrically this song was inspired by the idea that wherever you are at this moment is exactly where you are meant to be. so be okay with it and make the best of it. 

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Five Reasons You Need To Take Das Racist Seriously - Prefix Mag, September 13, 2011


For real folks, how couldn’t we be fans of the guys of Das Racist?  They have only gotten better over the years, they’re not only all about throwing down and being outrageous, and they work with some of our favorite artists from across the genre-sphere. They have also paved a way for themselves more or less on their own with a pair of successful and free albums…err, mixtapes. 

With all of that in mind, we would be pretty hard-pressed to not have a strong interest in their proper debut,Relax, which drops Sept. 13. If nothing else, we’re excited to find out just how they can transition from the land of free projects to putting out a tangible product. That move has been (critically) deadly to some artists who have thrived in the land of mixtapes – Wale, B.o.B, etc… – but we’re confident Das Racist can handle it.  And here are five reasons we think so.


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Curren$y Interview

Curren$y must enjoy spending time in the studio as much as he does smoking weed because dude churns out material at a pretty crazy pace. In just the past 12 months alone, he has dropped Pilot Talk II, Covert Coup, Return to the Winner’s Circle, and Weekend At Burnie’s. And for the most part, they have all been good, if not great. OK, that Winner’s Circle mixtape was kind of weak, but three for four ain’t bad.

 Anyway, according to an interview with Droz Daily Steezin, Spitta has three more projects in the works. A third Pilot Talk is planned, which we already knew, along with a mixtape with DJ Drama called Verde Terrace. Curren$y is also recording another effort, though he isn’t really sure what he is going to call it yet. Could it be a reworked version of Muscle Car Chronicles? Or is that album just never going to drop?


Watch Yann Tiersen’s video for “A Midsummer Evening” on Prefix Mag! His latest album Infinity is out now on Mute Records and going for adds TODAY!

20kUnderDC Review: Com Truise "In Decay"


New 20kUnderDC review up on Prefix. This time it’s the retrofuturist producer Com Truise:

The music Seth Haley creates under the moniker Com Truise can best be understood as a series of variations on the same theme. Not to undersell the producer’s talent, but hearing just one track—any track—is all you need to get a handle on what he’s trying to accomplish. In Decay– the new collection of unreleased and demo tracks out on Ghostly International– shows that Haley arrived at his cohesive synth-heavy sound early in his career and perfected it though endlessly reworking the same basic components over and over… [Read the rest over at Prefix]