So, after watching The Tooth Hurts (Episode 6) and being filled with Chiley feels. I have now gone back and re watched the episodes and well….Episode 2:

Look at that freaking smile while looking at Chase! And When he agrees to help the team, Chase does that gentle shoulder pat. They just freaking met and already with the shoulder touching that was everywhere in episode 6! They are totally flirting!

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<a href=“”>POWER RANGERS Dino Charge “Sleeping Zords” Review</a> : Black Nerd Recap of “Let Sleeping Zords Lie” episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge



Kendall’s dismissive attitude toward Shelby early on was useful in terms of enhancing her lovable underdog status, but I was pretty ready for it to be over with and I couldn’t have been more pleased with what happened. Given that the last two Pink Rangers’ main character attributes were being bad at cooking and thinking flowers are nice, it’s pretty neat that Shelby has so much more going on. It’s nice to see Power Rangers as a show that, if I had a daughter, I wouldn’t be super bummed out by the messages it sent her. Other than the ~progressive messages~, I really enjoyed getting more of a glimpse into what makes Kendall tick. It’s nice to see Shelby’s potential continuing to be utilized. She could have easily been a big deal in the premiere and then just kinda whatever, but she is something we’ve had very little of on this show – a character who is extremely clever but isn’t a Glasses Elemental like your Billys and your Kendrixes, even your Kendalls. She’s just a regular smart person.


Tyler and shovels. Guess this is gonna be a whole thing.


“Vivix, attack the near-sighted scientist!” wow I guess Stingrage is wanted for outer space ableism.


The Rangers’ shitty weekend dad, Keeper, mentions that the Aqua Ranger likely doesn’t know about the rangers or, for some reason, knows about them but does not want to join them. Seeeeeeeeems like kind of a specific thing to just bring up if it’s not going to go anywhere.


What do you guys wanna bet Riley’s brother finds the grey energem like 10 feet away from where Riley found his.


I guess next week is the mid-season finale. That’s some hot hot garbage. I truly cannot comprehend what tangible benefit there can actually be to chopping seasons in half and airing them like this. It seems especially disadvantageous from a merchandising standpoint – there’s going to be like, three new things to introduce in all of Dino Supercharge.


Not as much present in this episode AT FIRST GLANCE until you think about Koda doing bits about his grandpa inventing the wheel, trying not to think about how massively dead his entire family is.

  • Ziggy:Sometimes when I morph, I can't help but to notice this gigantic explosion right behind me, for no apparent reason.
  • Dr. K:I assume you are referring to the residual energy runoff that are sometimes necessary to clear the suit's biofeild channels during the morph.
  • Ziggy:I'm referring to the six story high fireballs, like that one! Right there!


i remember as a kid i felt extrememly uncomfortable watching episodes of shows where a character just is suddenly a major asshole (like, in the case of spongebob, that “I’m with stupid” episode) with the exception of like, that one Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode with Dana but it was probably because she actually noticed what she was doing and made the heroic choice in the end (I think? it’s been years since i watched it)