Pow Wow Taiwan


Having spent four festivals covering Hawaii with fantastic street art and murals POW! WOW! returned to Asia (the first POW! WOW! was held in Hong Kong) for their inaugural Taiwan festival.  Artists from around the globe joined local Taiwanese artists to create murals around Taipei including popular locations like the Taipei Zoo, Tugnan University, Songshan Cultural Park, Ximen and many others.

Through bouts of relentless rain and the humid, exasperating heat artists such as James Jean, Aaron De La Cruz, Madsteez, Apex, INSA, Rone, Sheryo, Yok, Woes, Skewville and Brendan Monroe fought the elements alongside local art legends Reach, Mr. Ogay, Colasa Seazk, Saym Dabs, Bobo and more to put up all kinds of gorgeous, stunning murals.

During all this there were lectures by BOOOOOOOM!, Hypebeast and 1xRun plus parties with DJ Neil Armstrong and concerts (and lots of delicious looking food, too).

Check out a TON of awesome photos below taken by Brandon Shigeta and Vincent Ricafort:

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INSA and Madsteez painted the world’s largest GIF mural in Taipei, as part of Pow Wow Taiwan.( Booooooom )

GIF-iti, the process of transforming street art into moving GIFs, has taken the Internet by storm time and time again. Two of the most prolific players in the GIF-iti game—the UK’s INSA and Mad Steez—just made digital street art history by shattering the record for the world’s largest GIF-iti’d mural.

Encompassing the entirety of one side of a Taiwanese apartment building, the animated street art depicts a mysterious four-eyed woman. She is surrounded by shimmering chains, flowers, and spinning coins that make our inner Super Mario instincts tingle. The artists managed to compress a lot of motion into the four-frame GIF, even painting nearby fan vents to make a spinning effect.

Four frames means they had redraw most of the mural three times after they completed the original gargantuan painting. We hate having to rewrite a word in our tiny crossword puzzles—the frustration of repainting a meters-tall mural over and over must have required the patience of a saint.

The Creators Project

POW! WOW! Taiwan: A Summer Episode Teaser.

An awesome short video teasing some of POW! WOW! Taiwan’s summer adventuring!  Stay tuned for the full thing!  (If you’re unable to watch the video in your country above, check it out here.)

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