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From the tremendously popular Scenes from a Fictional Film collaboration started by hitRECord artist catamaranwestern, this set of 10 postcards depict the riveting, gorgeous, iconic…and completely made up films from the minds of the hitRECord Community.   

Each postcard features a scene and caption on its face and a film summation on the back. 10 postcards per set.

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Blue Boy
  • Blue Boy
  • Orange Juice
  • The Glasgow School

Blue Boy - Orange Juice

He wasn’t listening to her lying tongue…’

The Sound of Young Scotland took 1980 by storm via Alan Horne’s Postcard Records. The stars of the show were Orange Juice who released three classic singles that year in search of world domination. It didn’t work out but posterity recognises greatness when it sees it and Blue Boy remains as exhilarating as the day it was released in individually-coloured homemade record sleeves.