And here we have another update! Sadly, it’s not a development one - we’re now at a point where we mostly deal with physics and interactions, and all other stuff which is not too visually interesting (unless you really enjoy coloured rectangles and lines). However you can still learn some more about the game:


One of the few mortals who can study head-to-head with demigods in Harmony Academy. And by that I mean that you are quite a smart demigod if you study on par with Swirl, who is not only one of the most gifted mages, but also amongst the best students in the history of the Academy. Talanted unicorn is full both of knowledge and pride, and rarely communicates with others (and if he does, sarcasm levels are usually off the charts). Though there are a few classmates for whom he has deep feelings - Tia and Raycord. He loves the former almost just as much as he hates the latter. Raycord and Swirl had a hard time getting along right from the first day of Raycord’s stay in the Academy, and the more Swirl got to knew Raycord, the more he realised that everyone would do better without him. And when you have a unicorn with uncanny intellect and acess to one of the biggest and oldest library in the world as your rival, you better be prepared!


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