You’ve heard it in 10,000 cop shows:

You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

As much as people tend to hate on lawyers, that moment when you have your face crammed into the hood of a squad car is when most decide those appointed lawyers are wonderful gifts from Heaven. These (free!) defense attorneys are called public defenders, and often they’re the only thing between you and a system that would prefer to just toss you into a cell rather than listen to a bunch of nonsense about how you didn’t actually commit a crime at all.

Unfortunately, if you don’t happen to be the wealthy sort, the system is stacked against you in countless soul-crushing ways. To explain why, we sat down with a former public defender in the state of Georgia. He said…

5 Ways America’s Justice System is Designed to Screw You

exgynocraticgrrl asked:

What are your thoughts on libfems calling Radical Feminism "white feminism"? I would actually argue that liberal "feminism" is far more closer to any sort of white-centric feminism/feminism permeated with whiteness with the point that liberal feminists rely on a decontextualized, "I choose my choice" mentality that does not apply an understanding of economics, politics, culture, systems of oppression, etc in the way that Radical Feminism does. RadFem analysis actually PRACTICES intersectionality

I agree wholeheartedly. Liberal feminism works on ‘choice’, regardless of whether it is at the expense of other women. Pornography is an example, because the conditions of the industry are not as important to them as the apparent ‘empowerment’ they receive from it. Considering the porn industry is made up of poverty-stricken women (many are women of color due to systematic oppression), it is VERY white-centric. 

Like you said, these ‘choices’ that are so prioritized in liberal feminism are never analyzed in the economical, political, cultural climate of the society made, or the systems of oppression present. They care more about biological males being able to intrude in our oppressive reality than they do about women of color all over the world working for shit all money and getting raped in some of their ~sex-possie~ industries like prostitution. As long as THEY recieve ‘empowerment’, though right? 

Liberal feminism also supports capitalism which is always going to be white-centric, considering white people are the ones that benefit from capitalism. Take for example the 90s ‘business woman’ icon of liberal feminism. Because their buzzword of the last 20 years has been ‘equality’, they have also aimed to be a heavyweight in the capitalist arena. Looking at it from a white-centric decontextualized angle, I see how they think this may display white, able-bodied women as more dominant and powerful - but it’s commonsense to see that women experiencing double+ oppression (in this case, women of color) interests and experiences are not being served. Take Gina Rinehart for example, Australian Mining Tycoon. From a liberal feminist perspective, she’s a strong, powerful woman who controls her own income. However, from a radical feminist perspective, capitalism and patriarchy are best buddies, and various other systems of oppression has led Rinehart to take advantage of poverty stricken people of color by making them work for bread crumbs in dire working conditions.

In summary (after this rant)!

  1. Choices at the expense of other women are not feminist and is white-centric under various situations.
  2. Individual empowerment being valued over female liberation completely ignores and silences women of color all over the world.
  3. Decontextualizing situations and choices from their economical, political cultural climate and ignoring the systems of oppression present is inherently silencing other forms of oppression (including racism AKA white-centric). 
  4. The very notion of sex positivity is white centric, because it ignores sex trafficking, limited sexual freedom in various countries and is a very one dimensional idea that completely detracts from how your personal ‘sexual choice’ can still negatively impact underprivileged women.
  5. Ignoring the damage capitalism does in feminist analysis is white-centric in itself. Striving to be ‘equal’ to the white man in something like business has lead women to capitalize on fellow women of varying levels of oppression. That is not feminist. That is white-centric, considering the other barriers women of color have in those arenas. 
No society has been able to abolish human sadness, no political system can deliver us from the pain of living, from our fear of death, our thirst for the absolute. It is the human condition that directs the social condition, not vice versa.
—  Eugene Ionesco, ”A Reply to Kenneth Tynan: The Playwright’s Role” in The Observer (29 June 1958)
“It would be hard to say,” York observed drily, “that Palin’s 35-minute talk had a theme.” But, one might ask, “Do they ever?” For a long while now, Palin has not so much contributed arguments and ideas as she has thrown together a one-woman variety show for a band of traveling fans. One part free verse, one part Dada-laden ressentiment, and one part primal scream therapy, Palin’s appearances seem to be designed less to advance the ball for the Right and more to ensure that her name remains in the news, that her business opportunities are not entirely foreclosed, and that her hand remains strong enough to justify her role as kingmaker without portfolio. Ultimately, she isn’t really trying to change politics; she’s trying to be politics — the system and its complexities be damned.
—  Y’all, the NATIONAL REVIEW is dragging the hell out of Sarah Palin, I can’t asdfghjkl

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why do you think white people can have racism enacted upon them when they benefit from a structure designed to support them and give them privilege (given by default of race and benefit from the political, economical, and social systems)? I get that they can have prejudice enacted upon them, but racism? I don't see that happening as they are two very different things. I'm just interested in your POV on that and why you think that; honestly not trying to argue/fight!

Look, just don’t be rude to eachother is all I have to say.

one thing im uber hyped for this year is the general election so i can hear more people who reblogged one post on tumblr shout at other people and judge their entire character for not voting despite the fact they clearly dont understand the way the british political system operates and how it is almost impossible to use it to gain change and i also get to see those people make no effort to understand the mass social dissatisfaction, alienation and disconnect that such a system produces and the widespread implications of that. Hell Yeah bring on thE Pain bro!!!!

Mehmed the Conqueror (born in 1432)

Radu the Beautiful (born 1435)

Vlad the Impaler (born 1431)

#All young and beautiful

Mehmed started to reign when he was 12, and then was officially coronated in 19 and when he conquered Constantinopole (the event that gave a strong shock to Europe) he was 21.

Radu was also by the Side of Mehmed at the Fall of Constantinopole. He was 16! And was already a military commander of the Janissaries and received the title of “Pasha” (higher rank in the Ottoman Empire political and military system, typically granted to governors, generals and dignitaries and others.)

What’s for Vlad? He’s one year older than Mehmed and was such a fucker. Perhaps I didn’t need to mention that many know what a fruit he is, though I extremely enjoyed drawing him with puppy eyes and with his “dragon order badge”, he must be proud of his dad.


Political themes in the Avatar Universe

I should mention this wasn’t my idea but rather an updated version of some other post I saw a while back.

Edit: t1gerlillyYou’re right, Capitalism shouldn’t be put under systems of government so I changed it a bit.

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The ad was in a women’s magazine and if I remember correctly, was for a perfume. It featured a white woman lying in bed with a black man. The man’s shirtless back was to the viewer, making only his taut, muscular form and powerful-looking arms and shoulders visible. He was faceless, unidentified. The woman looked sultrily at us from over his mysterious form, satisfaction writ large over her features. She had partaken of whatever delights this man had to offer and was smugly, luxuriantly basking in the afterglow.

The ad copy was, “Take a walk on the wild side.”

My teacher used the ad as an example of how marketers can use certain words and images to convey large amounts of information subtly and effectively. A white woman having sex with a black man? How risqué. The implication: be a little like that woman. Spray on that perfume and feel like the kind of girl who has sex with faceless, muscular black men in ritzy hotel rooms because it’s an adventure, a thrill, a risk, something illicitly pleasurable.

These are the semiotics of race. This is why columnists will trip over themselves not to call Lupita Nyong’o or Angela Basset “beautiful”, choosing instead to use terms that call to mind a kind of savage, animalistic magnetism: fierce, striking, edgy, eye-catching. Words like “pretty” and “beautiful” and “cute” are for white women whose bodies and sexualities are not seen as wild, animal, or untamed. Black men are hulking, threatening, thuggish; white men are charming, sexy heartthrobs with hearts of gold. Brown women are exotic, with their “honey-coloured” skin and their “mystical”, “enchanting” beauty, unlike their white counterparts, who are held up as not only ideal, but knowable and safe. White people are beautiful; non-white people are dangerous.


My sis Rell (Twitter: Awkward_Duck, Tumblr: swearimnotangry), did some investigative work today and found that Donald Sterling has ties to private prison investments, which led the two of us to an excellent discussion about the private prison industry.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With contract mandates specifying 90% occupancy rates, private prisons feed directly into our problem with mass incarceration.

The private prison industry has become a lucrative business with some of our financial institutions heavily investing in them (Not to mention the music industry invests in them also, but I wont go there today). 

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) & GEO are the nations leading providers of correctional services. CCA has flourished as a business and has done so well ensuring that states maintain that 90% occupancy rate, that last year their Board of Directors authorized a $675 MILLION dividend to its shareholders. -_____-

I don’t even need to tell you who these prison beds are occupied by as I’m sure you all know the stats and demographics, but feel free to check out the links below.

Financial institutions that invest in private prisons: http://bit.ly/14rfwu9

CCA authorizes $675 million dividend to shareholders: http://yhoo.it/1ml7V4u

CCA being sued for widespread abuse in prisons: http://bit.ly/18uso3n

For centuries, nothing has so stirred up American fury like the escape of a slave. That ain’t just distant history. For daring to slip her bonds and escape from brutal and unjust bondage, the Empire now labels her a terrorist. That’s because to them, nothing is more terrifying than resistance to their imperial will. As for terrorists, if they really wanna find some, it shouldn’t be too hard to find them. Just check the White House.
—  Mumia Abu-Jamal on Assata Shakur

Like the rest of you, we’re incredibly excited to binge watch the second season of “Orange Is the New Black” this weekend. Who knew a show that shines an important spotlight on the hardships and indignities of prison life could be so fun.

But if you think OITNB shows it all, you’re about to find out a disgusting truth. While the women in OITNB face miserable conditions and abuse, it’s nothing compared to what real people experience in the jail where they film as well as other jails in Suffolk County, New York.

Riverhead jail in Long Island – just a hop, skip, and a jump from the white sands and posh life of the Hamptons – is notorious for its inhumane conditions. Raw sewage bubbles from the floor, toilets explode, rodents and roaches infest the kitchens, black mold covers the walls, and drinking and bathing water runs brown and stinks of sewage.

The “ping-pong” toilets at Riverhead are NSFTV (Not Suitable for TV) because they are too wildly disgusting. Let a former prisoner, 23-year-old Paul Alver, explain why:

Because the plumbing doesn’t work, when someone flushed his toilet in the cell next to mine, the human waste would bubble up in my own toilet, feet from where I slept. Sometimes we woke up with sewage flooding our cell floors.

These stories are just two of hundreds shared by people housed in Suffolk County’s jails. And there’s precious little they can do about it. Prisoners who try to file grievances often face retaliation. One formerly incarcerated person said officers cut off heat until he agreed to abandon his request for grievance forms.

Before OITNB became a hit show, the New York Civil Liberties Union and Shearman & Sterling LLP filed a class-action lawsuit in 2012 on behalf of current and future prisoners in Suffolk County jails. The suit demanded that the county clean up its jails for violating people’s constitutional right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment and for showing deliberate indifference to the harms incarcerated people are suffering.

But more than two years later, Suffolk County has refused to make even basic fixes to its jails – even now that Riverhead is in the spotlight.

Join the New York Civil Liberties Union’s call to tell Suffolk County that instead of wooing Hollywood, it should stop violating the law and clean up its jails.

There’s something seriously wrong when Hollywood can film a show at a jail, but actors can’t drink the water that real people living there are forced to drink.

Fans of Orange is the New Black and people who believe in basic human rights are standing up against the outrageous conditions at the real OITNB jail by posting photos in orange to demand that Suffolk County fix its jails. They are flooding county officials with emails demanding the protection of basic human rights. And former prisoners are speaking out about what they’ve had to endure.