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My sister keeps trying to justify the shooting by saying "ok, but cops go through so much bullshit. It makes sense why he shot him" and its infuriating what can I say to make her shut up

Would you support Darren Wilson if he killed your son?


Breaking News (11/22/14): The Grand Jury has NOT reached a decision yet on whether to indict Darren WIlson for the death of Michael Brown. They will reconvene on Monday, at the earliest.

I. CAN’T. TAKE. IT. ANYMORE. Just release the damn announcement already! (But maybe, just maybe, this means we should have a little hope again…) #staywoke #farfromover


Ferguson: 100 days in 100 seconds

know your rights!
if youre being harassed or illegally searched by a police officer, DO NOT RESIST. this applies especially if you are a person of color. do not give them “probable cause” to shoot you, be safe.
here are the magic words;
"officer, i do not consent to this search. i am going to remain silent; i would like to speak to a lawyer."
do not. say. anything else. do not try and make small talk or lie out of a situation. just say those words.
a lawyer can work magic if you choose to remain silent; it minimizes any proof or allegations against you.
if you are going to film, know the filming rights of your state. make sure that it is not illegal to film an officer. once you begin, don’t say shit like “i’m making sure that you are doing your job correctly”. just say “officer, i have a legal right to record. i only need consent from one person in the party being filmed”. again, check your state laws. police will lie to you to try and get you to stop recording, but the keyword is ‘lie’.
remember which cops detained and searched you, but DO NOT ask for their badge numbers. if they believe that you will file a complaint, they will give you hell.
stay safe out there, stay woke.

The story you missed. 

After brutal attack on unarmed Black woman, White Officer suspended 1 day — for swearing

A White police officer in Superior, Wisconsin who grabbed a black woman by her hair and slammed her face into the hood of a car and punched her several times has received a single day’s suspension from duty. Read the story HERE.

Let me also say this: It pisses me off that people stay relatively silent when Black/NBPoC victims survive, and when the victims are minority women, for that matter. The uproar should happen whenever and wherever Black/NBPoC are dehumanized, by police or anyone else. Pin this on Pinterest.

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Someone just told me the ferguson thing wasn't racism. Could you please list a couple of reasons why it is? I don't know everything about the story and don't want to miss any.

  • white cop kills black kid
  • white cop is not jailed for doing such
  • police department goes to extreme lengths to hide, deny, justify, etc. the killing
  • protesters are abused by the Ferguson PD
  • a fuckig white cop kills a black kid and is protected, supported, goes on fucking paid leave
  • everything

~white trash mod auggie

Nov. 22 4:08 pm

Another day, another shooting of an unarmed black man - boy in this case.  This afternoon, a rookie cop shot a 12 year old boy outside a rec center because he was carrying a bb gun. Photos courtesy of Northeast Media Group.

Let’s set aside the fact that bb guns look very much like real guns these days.  Let’s set aside the fact that it was a rookie cop.  I said “another day, another shooting,” but this is the second I’ve heard of today.  And this is a 12 year old boy, who is thankfully still alive.  He’s at MetroHealth, the county hospital, and I’m praying for his survival.

Officers responded to a call that a man was carrying a gun outside Cudell Recreation Center.  When the rookie and a 10-15 year veteran showed up, they saw the boy with a group of friends sitting in a pavilion near the center.  The rookie cop saw him pick up the bb gun and put it in the waist band.  So.  From the article, I gather that the cops were not close to them yet, and the boy was not waving the gun around or endangering other people or the cops.  And yet…the rookie cop shot the boy twice; we know that one bullet struck him in the abdomen.

Since it happened earlier today, obviously we don’t know many details yet. Reps from CPD state that this is already under review by the department’s deadly force investigation team.  But for those who don’t know, the Cleveland Police Department is a joke.  It’s so corrupt and always seems to be under one investigation or another. In fact, the article I linked to above states, “The shooting comes as the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the department to determine if it regularly uses excessive force against its citizens.”  

I love my hometown but this is unacceptable.

Police Officer Repeatedly Punches Innocent Woman In Face On Camera, Gets Punished With A Day Off For Swearing (VIDEO)

Police Officer Repeatedly Punches Innocent Woman In Face On Camera, Gets Punished With A Day Off For Swearing (VIDEO)

A white Wisconsin police officer has been rewarded with a day off for grabbing an innocent black woman by the hair and repeatedly punching her in the face.

Back in January, Officer George Gothner approached a group of people at a nightclub in the town of Superior and proceeded to verbally and physically assault an African-American woman named Natasha Lancour. And the incident was caught of the…

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Students and teachers assemble for wrongly accused art students

So as many of you know by now… Mexico is a mess.

We have been protesting over our anger frustration and sadness these past few months

I NEVER do this.

I was planning on never posting anything personal but now I have to.

On Thursday the 20th 20 thousand people took to the streets to protest the government and their lack of action in light of 43 missing students.

One of my moms art students was arrested along with several others.

They are being wrongly accused and being transported to different states with no lawyers.

We are tired of “fosas” or holes in the ground filled with unidentified bodies.

The spread of blood and death on our newspapers to the point in which we are now desensitised to it.

We think its normal for people to go missing or to die

Its not

Were tired.

We can no longer stand being continuously repressed and killed for being alive

For being a “pretty” woman

For being indigenous

For being against a history of dictatorships and repression

Please stop ignoring us

Please stop ignoring our cry for help and justice.

I understand that you have your own problems

But we are just as important as you

If you can help please contact me or if you are a Mexican and can provide help please look for more information at the National School of Art Institute (La Esmeralda)

Nov. 22 5:03 pm