Legendary Musemon Results

You enter the Kanto bar and the scent of cheap whiskey permeates the air. The lighting is dim, and it feels as though you’re looking at an old photo, worn from the passing years with smudges all over the glass. Normally you would never venture into a downtrodden bar like this, but your quest to catch em’ all has led you here.
Scanning the bar you finally see him; a grizzled old man with a scraggly, white beard, a Captain’s hat, and a face longer than a Rapidash’s (metaphorically of course). Taking a seat next to him, you strike up conversation with him. He’s reluctant to talk at first, but after buying him a drink he begins to open up about the information you seek concerning the ultimate prize; Legendary Pokemon.

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  • Pokemon Gen 7:Team uhh... Astro? sets off to capture the legendary Pokemon uhhhh.... Destrumbo? and use it’s power to launch the continent into space until a 14 year old stops them.
  • Pokemon Gen 8:Team Solid plans to capture the legendary Pokemon, Solidifelfy and use it's power to turn all the liquids in the universe into solids, despite this being a bad idea with no logical reasoning behind it, they plan to do it until a 14 year old stops them.
  • Pokemon Gen 9:Team Heaven's Gate plans to escape the planet on a mysterious space craft using the power of the legendary Pokemon, Phenobarbital. Maybe a 14 year old will stop them.
  • Pokemon Gen 10:Team I Don't Fucking Care Anymore And I Might As Well Shoot Myself In The Fucking Head plants to shoot themselves in the fucking head. They plan to accomplish this with the power of the legendary Pokemon, Gun. You've already preordered this, you know the rest.
Ang mga lalaki

Oo kilala kami bilang manloloko,paasa,pafall,walang isang salita,two timer,malandi,gago,mayabang. Pero hindi lahat ganyan mayroon pa ding lalaki na totoo at tapat magmahal. Yung tipong gagawin nila lahat mapasaya,at mapangiti lang ung babaeng mahal nila. Yung nag aalala kapag di ka pa gising at di ka pa kumakain. Yung tatadtarin ka ng text pag di ka nakapagreply agad, yung lalaking handang makipagasaran,makipagkulitan sayo. Minsan nagkakasagutan pero at the end kami pa din ang nagsosorry kahit di kami ang may kasalanan wag lang lumala ung sitwasyon. Rare na ung mga ganung lalaki,kumbaga sa pokemon legendary,kumbaga sa mga bato,diamond,kumbaga sa mga bakal,gold. At kapag nakita niyo na ung right guy for you,wag mo ng pakawalan


So I decided to try and do the Pokemon Variation thing with my favourite Pokemon; Deoxys!

Originally I didn’t want to do it because usually a Legendary Pokemon species has only one in existence but then I remembered that these guys are aliens and in the movie, Destiny Deoxys, there’s two of em.

The original Pokemon Variation things were based off of terrain so I didn’t know how to work it out with a Pokemon that’s literally from space so I did some research and found out that it’s a DNA Pokemon and was hit by a virus or something (?) so why not different viruses that effected it :0