More fanart of a certain flame goat ‘u’

Kidling drawing

Thanks to yellowfur for designing this great Fakemon line up, the Kidling line is my favorite next to the Aquade line design wise for the starters, I would like to train both at some point, so I hope they figure out a way you can get all the starters within the same game Was just told, yeah, there’s gonna be a way >:D YES

'mish info

anonymous said:

Just wanted to say that I think it's amazing how well done and cohesive your splices are. And that you take requests. Mind if I ask for one? A furfrou, suicune, arcanine mix please? Maybe with some mareep too? Basically just a mega fluffy dog

THANK YOU. That term cohesive is exactly what I want me sprites to look! For me, splicing should yield a result that you can’t take apart and say “Oh yeah, this comes from that and this from there” It should look like its own, natural, COHESIVE thing. So hearing that is such an amazing compliment! 

This one was fun to make. It came out so poofy and looking like cotton candy, which is always a great thing!