Some Eeveelution fusions! I thought it would be interesting to see how I could combine them; coming up with fusion names (and the meanings behind the names) was fun as well c:

  • Trineon (trinity + eon). Derived from trinity, meaning “the state of being three”.
  • Penumbreon (penumbra + eon). Derived from the latin words paene (“nearly”) and umbra (“shadow”) to form penumbra, which is the partial shadow of an eclipse between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination. In other words, it’s the part of the shadow where some or all of the light from the sun is obscured by the moon.
  • Rhimeon (rime + eon). Derived from hard rime, which is white ice that forms when water droplets in fog freeze to the surfaces of objects, such as tree branches and mountain ridges.
  • Sylvee (Sylveon + Eevee). SImply a combination of Sylveon and Eevee!

(I had to delete the previous post because of a big mistake in one of the images but that should be fixed now!)

Pokedex Entry: Mewssingno., the Future-Devouring Pokemon.

Mewssingno. is the only Pokemon with complete omniscience. It knows where you live. It knows who you love. It knows you still pee your bed at night. And it knows you tried to cheat to get infinite Rare Candies and Masterballs. 

Larger view here: http://starvingstudents.deviantart.com/art/Mewssingno-472862222


yooo, I really apologize for my long absence! There were some real life things that kept me occupied for a longer time than expected and I also kinda lost confidence in my artistic abilities. So I decided it would be better if I’d work on my personal projects, but of course I couldn’t resist drawing some more fusions. You might notice some minor style changes. I used thinner lines and added some more detailed textures, I hope you guys don’t mind!