the day harley had anticipated had finally come! after a long week of rushing through tasks that needed accomplishment to assure conflict wouldn’t arise this evening, she was finally ready for what she wanted to be the best night out with red.  

            there was no one like poison ivy. being intelligent, cunning and drop-dead gorgeous, she was a triple threat! she was harley’s closest friend, someone who shared loyalty and love. although both of them had hectic lives, they always found time where they could go out, laugh and do something crazy. thinking back, harley couldn’t pinpoint the last time the two of them had a night together, or the last time they shared looks in each others directions!

           finishing up the last touches on her makeup, harley curved the red tube of lipstick around her lips one last time and smacked them together with the biggest grin on her face to check on how it turned out. flawless, as ever! with a loud burst of laughter, she was excited for the evening. all she was waiting on was red, but where could she be?

        ‘ where the heck could that woman be?
            maybe she found some dude setting
            fire to a bush and just had to deliver
            a few blows to his head … 

Xali x PoisonIvy2 & Slaves (video)

#TheRebelution is coming… Exclusive Premiere from @XaliUnknwn x PoisonIvy2 & Slaves Dir. By: @flowercop + @mars3times

#TheRebelution Is coming…. Xali told you first

I’m here for the lyrical, the witty, the well thought out, and the magnificent. PoisonIvy2 and Slaves are your favorite songs from South Florida’s own Xali’s  GeneraShun (Cipher Part 1) and now he’s giving us the visual to go with the hard hitting theme of the tracks. Yes ladies and…

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pues dc sacara serie animada con heroínas y villanas, enfocada en niñas, espero tengan buenas historias y personalidades las protagonistas. el diseño no me convenció en algunas -poison ivy y batichica-; otras me gustaron mucho como katana, Harley y wonder woman (basada en la versión injustice). a ver como les queda el proyecto en cuanto a calidad de  animacióny tenga una buena base de fans

“Why do you let that flying mammal boss you around all the time?” Ivy’s hands gripped the front of Robin’s suit, pulling him against her scantily clad body, green one piece only paired with a pair of green leggings. “Don’t you just wanna let loose, baby? Don’t you wanna show him that he doesn’t own you, that you’re a free bird?”

So here’s Poison Ivy, I think I’ll be doing Catwoman next but you never know.. #PoisonIvy #PamelaIsley #Batman #BruceWayne #GothamCitySirens #Gotham #Arkham #MotherNature #DCComics #DC #Comics #art #artrade #artist #artwork #doodle #draw #drawings #drawing #sketch #illustration

// I was suppose to be replying but my friend came over and we watched a few episodes of batman the animated series online and oh gosh this show …. -sobs- I really miss Poison Ivy’s first design but wow Scarecrow had an awesome new design in the new animated series ;w;