February 2015 commissions by John Byrne. Part 2.

1. Wolverine Vs the Griffin

2. Mysterio

3. Batman Vs Rogues Gallery

4. Ultra, the Multi-Alien

5. Spider-Man

6. Wolverine

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What was your favorite John Byrne commission of February 2015?


I just finished reading Green Roses on ff.net by Mrs. Boojangles for the third time and was compelled to quickly scribble down some scenes from the fic. It’s a long, bittersweet story of Harley leaving Joker, and it’s filled with cute snuggles, some of which happen to occur at hospitals :(

thenameisrobindamnit asked:

#i need duggan to do another villains book when this is over#like friends but with super-villains you feel me - oh man I'd read the shit out of that

it doesn’t even have to be all of them. say idk ivy, harley, freeze, riddler, crane, two-face, hush, mad hatter and idk croc or something they all accidentally purchase rooms in the same apartment building or all move into the same warehouse for all their whacky experiments and villainous ongoings and they’re like “i’m not moving, you move” 

the series just follows the adventures from there like having to share a communal kitchen “i think we have a weed problem” “THEY’RE NOT WEEDS YOU BITCH TOUCH THEM AND DIE” “if i find one more body part in this fridge i swear to fuck” “who put their fucking batman onesie in with my suit” “if i find one more post-it note with a stupid ass riddle that makes me question my entire life i’ll end you” “YOU GAVE MY FUCKING COIN TO THE PIZZA GUY” then there’s an accidental fear toxin leakage or ivy’s pheromones go haywire and everyone trips, hush keeps leaving his dirty bandages lying around like a scruff, the heating goes off and everyone complains except victor who’s like what y’all bitching about and harley has to stop ivy throwing something at him, harley’s banned from bringing joker round EVER and they spend the entire series trying to convince her to ditch his nasty ass (and hook up with ivy), mad hatter makes the tea and ivy checks it for drugs, batman comes to raid them thinking they’re planning some shit but in fact they are sat around marathoning hitchcock movies while riddler and scarecrow throw in useless little facts to try and get one up on each other

i need this now please and thank

anonymous asked:

So I have a question. Why do you identify Ivy as Ace or Graysexual. In a lot of the stuff I've seen, especially with Harley, she seems to be a pretty sexual being. I'm not an expert, so I guess I could just be missing some knowledge. But I'm just curious as to your interpretation of her. Please don't take this as an attack in any way, I'm just curious to your interpretation.

Sexuality and sensuality are not one in the same, for starters. Ivy could make out with a thousand men and women, but the fact remains that she’s stated countless times that she hates all of humanity, Harley aside.

Let me go into this by saying that being ace/gray does not necessarily mean they won’t ever have sex. Asexuality and greysexuality are complicated, because the titles literally means something different to every ace/gray.

Depending on who’s writing Ivy (and my mood for my headcanon), I switch back and forth between ace and gray. Aside from being quite seductive, we seldom see her do much but BE a temptress. What, with the nature of her powers, it would be hard to do anything else. Also it’s been her character shtick since her conception, and it’s held strong since.

I see her as a very…opinionated Ace/Gray. If she DOES decide to partake in something as carnal as sex, it would entirely be on her terms. It’s not a case of good representation for these two sexualities, considering that can be an accusatory stereotype when we out ourselves to others. They tend to call us “selfish,” but Ivy is a LITERAL kind of selfish.

And there’s also her back story as well. She was a doctor, a biologist, and a man she trusted, possibly loved, and potentially was physical with, made her into a creature. A creature she’s come to love to be, much like Marvel’s Mystique, but it was at first against her will.

Jason Woodrue is only one of the people Ivy has loved that has turned on her in the end. As much as I love shipping her with Harley, Harley has hurt Ivy, too. Basically anyone Ivy has ever loved and trusted has betrayed her at least once.

Also she’s toxic to the touch, except for to Harley. If her asexuality isn’t just part of her, then she might be by choice.

And, again, she views humanity as beneath her :/ It just makes sense.

I also see her as Demi/greyromantic, but this is long enough, I think, haha :)