Story Time with Alfred 

I really loved watching the Batman animated series growing up, and I think Batman is one of my favorite super heroes (if not THE favorite). Plus, who doesn’t love Alfred? I had a lot of fun just drawing all the cutesy stuff and the little plushies of the allies/villains. ^^

Anyways, this is another print for AC Boardwalk Con and maybe Animazement! I’ll be sharing a table with my friend Dean! Please check out Dean’s blog and my blog for more art if you’re interested! ^^

-watercolor, acrylic, pastel, digital touch ups

I really hate new 52’s version of Ivy’s backstory

What the fuck they reduced her to a bitter woman with daddy issues who manipulated her way through university rather than a smart, shy, young woman who worked very hard only to be betrayed by someone she trusted

She was hurt but she never wanted to hurt others until she gained a connection with the Green and even then, she stayed away from humans until they started killing the plant life, bearing in mind she could literally hear the plants crying out in pain She says so herself that everything she does is a reaction as ‘plants are not violent by nature, we learned that from humanity’ To have her grow up in a violent household and be a brainwashing manipulator before she even got out of university completely disregards her transformation and her reason for being Poison Ivy The New 52 Pamela Isley pre-transformation is bullshit