Here are a few of the cosplays I’ve done over the past year. I thought I’d get a little photoset together for my newer followers and just show off my work a bit.

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I want to thank everyone who has helped make these past few years of cosplaying completely and utterly full of awesome!


This issue is too good for just one post, so it’s getting two.  This is the setup.  Tim is at home writing an email to Bruce (more on that later).  Meanwhile, Jack, Dana, and Bruce are all at some sort of save-the-environment party.  Dana forgot to put the wash in the drier, so she calls Tim to ask him to finish up for her… after he removes her bras.  His facial expression is too much!

Poison Ivy shows up at the gala and uses her mind control on the men present, who start attacking Batman.  Tim hears that something is going on over the phone, so he tries to log into the remote Batcomputer to find video surveillance.  In the process he accidentally sends the email he was writing.

This post is kind of boring, I know, but it’s the setup for a really fantastic issue.  Plus, Tim and boobs…

Gotham Knights 15


since no one guessed it, I was working on this water color painting of Harley and Ivy sketch I did a while ago. 

I haven’t done a painting in over 8 years, so wanted to test it out with a sketch I felt comfortable with. Normally I ink the lines, but I felt not doing that with these and letting the paints divide itself.

Now I’m going to show you come works in progress of these two, I did use a light box, but had to add some liberties since after light box process your lines are mostly guidelines. I use basic dry water color sets you can find in any supermarket. And my paper is Cold Press water color paper. Which normally doesn’t warp but had a bit of it doing the whole faded waterspots around them.

I focus more on a layer technique, I don’t blend the paints too much instead just lay down a dark tone, and then apply a lighter color above it.