She’s a great gal, and, as we all know, a singular talent, like a completely unique, singular talent. She just was born like a purebred, in terms of you just say `go’ and she goes. It’s infuriating because I can’t keep up with it. So it’s beautiful to work with such an incredibly talented and wonderful person.” - Andrew Garfield

Daniel Radcliffe: “I think the best relationships are when you’re going out with your best friend,” “My mom and dad are best friends and they were friends before they got married… and then they’ve been married for 30 years and they are best friends and that’s why it works. But I definitely think everyone has been through this moment of do I risk jeopardizing the friendship in an effort to push this forward, is she interested in me? And it’s a minefield. It’s a scary moment.”

Me: *Thinks of Him and Emma* 


A Conversation with Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson
  • Interviewer:You mentioned that it was quite fun on set, can you explain the dynamic between the cast members?
  • Jeremy Renner:I never saw anybody but you. I’m crazy about you
  • Scarlett Johansson:I’m crazy about you.
  • JR:Only because of the agave cakes. The healthy, what was it? Vegan…
  • SJ:Those oatmeal cookies were vegan.
  • JR:You put all that gooey stuff on it. What was that icing on it?
  • SJ:It was so good.
  • JR:There’s nothing goo – Vegan to me just sounds like health food. There’s nothing healthy about fun.
  • SJ:That’s not what vegan means.
  • JR:I know that’s not what it means, it’s just how I take it? Doesn’t anyone else think that? Like ‘oh, I’m vegan. I’m sorry’
  • SJ:I’m sorry I what? That I eat a bunch of salad?
  • JR:I eat bird seed and kale. That was her diet, she had a dehydration machine, and she just stuck whatever in it to dehydrate it, and everything came out tasting like toenails.
  • SJ:You just don’t like flax crackers.
  • JR:I don’t like flax crackers, no. That is literally terrible. Like eating asphalt.
  • SJ:I don’t know how to explain our dynamic any other way than the conversation you just heard.