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Santa's Little Helper; A Lashton Threesome

Merry Christmas Guys!!

Here’s a little threesome action for you all! Please let me know what you think of it! 




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My secret santa gift for megasimmer! sorry it took me so long to make, I hope you like them!

you can download them from the gallery here <3

They have no CC so don’t worry about anything extra to download :)

Maddie has the ‘Renaissance Sim’ aspiration, and she is a cheerful, neat, music lover.

Cleo has the ‘Bestselling Author’ aspiration, and she is a creative, childish, non-committal kinda gal.

I hope they’re okay for you! Please let me know what you think! <3 <3

taurusversant submitted:

Hey Mimi!

I was super-hoping to catch you on Steam to give this but alas seems I missed finding you. Oh well.

As I promised ages ago, I wrote a thing for you, so I hope you enjoy it! I did my best using everything I could find said about your characters, so with luck I got close enough to nailing their personalities that this works.

Please let me know what you think, and have a Merry Christmas!

ahh sorry i couldn’t been on steam these days but OH MY GOD THIS IS ADORABLE DSGFDH I’M MELTING THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Everyone is so in character and you found my secret ot3 oh my !!

thank you so much for writting them!! ;v; <3

(i hope you don’t mind me drawing art of this later aaaa)

Ice Harvesting is very dangerous, serious business. Certainly no place for a princess.

But, with a girl like Anna, it was impossible to say no for long. So, when the winters were mild enough, Kristoff would bring her along. Of course, he certainly wasn’t going to to admit to Anna how her beaming smile and bubbling laughter made his days so much more enjoyable.

His fellow Ice Harvesters’ teasing would soon make it known anyway.


Do people ask you whether what you do is real or fake?- Seth Rollins 

Obligatory List of Things in Doctor Who That If They Never Happened Again It Would Be Too Soon: 

  • "Timey wimey", "spacey-wacey", "humaney-wumany" or any variation on this ASININE speech pattern. 
  • "It doesn’t do wood."
  • Pretending not to know/understand human customs after hundreds of years of living among them. 
  • "I’m always alright."
  • Meeting a little girl and then snogging her when she’s grown.  EW.  STOP THAT. 
  • "The Doctor lies."
  • River Song.  Basically, anything with River Song. 
  • "Don’t Blink." (the Angels have been ruined, lets just let them die already)

Please feel free to add your favorites!

[Pansexual and panromantic are real AND valid]

Mine, please and thank you



Chapter 1/?

Graphic and summary   Prologue   Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6

Rating: T    Words: 1754 


She loves the way he looks in this position.

Flat on his back, chin raised, delicious neck exposed and best of all, beneath her. She is usually too focused on her pleasure, on the burning heat spreading through her body to really appreciate the view. But, today, she’s got a sword pressed to his throat, self-satisfied grin on her face a seriously pissed off Hook staring up at her.

She loves it.

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The Importance of the Music in the One Year Later Scene

I was rewatching the one year later scene in 3x11, (not for the 27th time what are you talking about), and of course I noticed that the music playing was the same music from when they first introduced Neal. Now anti-Captain Swan fans have used this to try and show that there was some connection between Neal and Emma, but I’m going to prove them wrong.

First, I find this music is more synonymous with New York City as a place than with Neal. They played this music before we knew who Neal actually was, he was just walking to his apartment in NYC. This music wasn’t played during his big reveal. If you remember, he drops his phone out the window and the music stops. At that moment he reads the note from August; the note that tells him the curse is broken. That he can finally go find Emma. And with no music playing, (an important point), he decided not to go find Emma.

This leads into the one year later scene. Emma and Henry are enjoying a “normal” morning together, and the music is playing over the scene. At this point we have no way of knowing if the music is really playing in the scene, or if it’s being played just for the audience. This music helps us know that we are in New York City. Sure, they show the skyline through the window, but the music sets the scene. They use the same music to tell us where they are, not who it’s about. The music is still playing when someone starts banging on Emma’s door.

Now this is the most important point. She gets up to answer it, and as she walks to the door she turns off the music. This is a very crucial element in the scene. When she turns off the music the camera angle switches to show her hand and the stereo, nothing else. At this time two things happen. One, they let the audience know that the music is not just background music. Emma and Henry are listening to it, so it is present in the scene. Two, by showing Emma’s hand turning the song off they are making a deliberate point. The shot lasts for a second, and it immediately goes back to a long shot of Emma and Henry in the room. They could have shot the whole scene that way, from a distance. The audience still would have known that Emma turned the music off, we could still see it, but it wouldn’t have made as much as an impact.

So, to recap, we see a close shot of Emma turning the music off, and then we see her answer the door to none other than Killian Jones. This seems to me like a clear choice for Captain Swan. The music stopped playing for Neal in 2x01 when he decides not to find Emma. The music stopped playing for Emma and Henry in 3x11 when Killian actually finds Emma.

Emma turning the music off also means she is turning off another part, or person, in her life. These memories Regina implanted gave Emma what she wanted; a family. She could never move past the what if’s in her life. What if Neal hadn’t left her? What if she had a family? What if she had kept Henry? All three of these were answered with the fake memories. She didn’t pine after Neal, she didn’t have to move to Tallahassee for two years, she didn’t constantly move. She had a stable life with Henry, and she created her own family. All of these things prevented her from moving on, from finding new love. But because of this life she had with Henry, which was real for a year, she can let go and be happy. Turning the music off right before she opened the door to Killian is powerful. The underlying message is that she is ready, she can accept that someone loves her, the lost girl who didn’t matter. Turning “Neal’s music” off means she is ready to move on, why else would she turn his music off the moment the other man in her life comes to find her?

So I know people are going to say that it’s just music, how can you get so much from such a short scene, I’m reading too into it, the music isn’t important, etc. But none of that is true. Music is a powerful element in film. Directors use music to set the tone of a scene, to tell us how and what to feel. Imagine a powerful or emotional scene from any movie. It will almost always have music playing in the background. It doesn’t matter if it’s instrumental or a love ballad, this music explains what’s happening when words can’t express what is being shown.

In conclusion, (am i writing a paper or what), this scene which anti-Captain Swan fans have tried to use as a weapon backfired. Everything in this scene points away from SwanFire and gives even more reason for Captain Swan to be endgame. Not to mention the countless parallels this scene held between Snowing, Rumbelle, and comments by Snow (to name a few). I have even more confidence in Killian and Emma than ever before, and it’s because of this scene.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

I’ve noticed a distinct lack of coffee shop AUs for Carmilla so I decided to fix that problem.

1404 words of pure fluff

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  • Lana Del Rey

Audio Prompt:

Louis runs away from his wealthy family who has never accepted him. He fits everything he can in one suitcase and escapes to California, thinking that the sun never fades there. That summer he meets a boy who has eyes like emeralds and shows him what music can really mean. He’s tall with secrets of his own and holds him like he might break. Louis didn’t know how lost he was until Harry found him.

They were laughing and high off being young and alive as their feet met the wooden planks of the boardwalk. Maybe getting chased out of the carnival wasn’t so bad, Louis thought. He felt a fluttering in his stomach, refusing to label it happiness just yet.

"I’ve got an idea," Harry said, smiling like an idiot. Then he was toeing off his shoes then and without hesitation, pulling his shirt off his long torso. Louis felt his heart beat even harder.

"Wha-" But Louis’ question was silenced with Harry coming and pulling off Louis’ shirt in the same way, his arms getting caught in the fabric. "What the-"

"Shoes off, c’mon" Harry pointed at his feet, biting his lip with a grin.

"Don’t go ordering me around you twat," Louis bit out with a smirk but did so anyway.

"Ready then?"

"Ready for what?" He got his answer as Harry grabbed his hand and started running again, this time towards the end of the walk. Harry’s laugh was in his ear as they neared where their feet would give out, but he was too distracted by the boy beside him to realize where this was going. "Shit, Harry!" 

But his feet couldn’t stop now and they were jumping. Jumping and falling away from the noise of the world and into the ocean. The water embraced him and he grabbed one last breath before going under. Falling didn’t feel all that bad.

Harry never let go of his hand.

This Is How It Starts

Once, I listened to an acoustic version of Sex by The 1975 on repeat for a very long time. This is what happened. It’s nsfw, sff and like 3Kish words. Feedback/constructive crit would be great but you know, do what you want.

(Also, monday night uploads when I’m semi drunk, should this be a regular/weekly thing or nah?)

This Is How It Starts

Nearly a hundred miles from the low-hanging glow of Los Angeles. And the bright buzz of Vegas is nothing but a blurred neon memory and a blurred neon dot on the horizon. For the past few days they’ve overdosed on golden sky and bright lights, but the road ahead is dark. Thick night air looming up on either side of the car’s weak headlights. And everything about tonight tastes of danger. As though the air within Grace’s lungs is somehow flammable. 

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With You (Part 4/4)
In which Emma and Killian are forced to stay in the Enchanted Forest in the past.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

She’s navigating her way through the crowd at the docks, breeze through her hair, bow slung across her shoulder, arrows on her back. She’s making her way home after her hunt in the woods nearby. She always feels this way after a good hunt, light, powerful, present. Purposeful. 

The air is saltier here, more humid. It’s probably something to do with the fact that they’re surrounded by water on three sides. Despite the heat and some terribly unpleasant summers, being by the water makes Killian happy and she doesn’t know when it happened but it makes her happy too. As she walks, she spots a stall selling some mangoes and her mouth waters for the delicious fruit. 

She’s just about to take her first bite into the half in her hand when someone’s arms come around her from behind, grab her hand and take a bite instead. She turns around indignantly and smacks his chest.

“Hey! Get your own!”

But, no matter how angry she wants to appear, she can’t help but smile at the sight of Killian Jones, grinning at her through a mouthful of mango, a little juice dripping down his chin. He swallows and licks his lips and it’s ridiculous because it’s been over ten years, her stomach should not be doing little flips right now.

“Now, why would I do that? What’s yours is mine, isn’t it my love? We did promise.”

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