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Video Game Challenge: Video Games [6/7]

Uncharted (series)
Uncharted is a series of video games developed by the award-winning company Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3. Each game revolves around the adventures of protagonist Nathan Drake; a modern-day treasure hunter and action pro, as he attempts to unearth various historical mysteries.

With just over 2 days left until Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIXreleases storewide in Japan, Twitter userToyduck_shas taken the liberty to upload a photo of a physical copy of theHD 2.5 ReMIXready to be sold!

"Good evening, Twitter runner Matsushita here! I will walk you through the new titles! This week we have KH HD 2.5 ReMIX for PS3, Omega Quintet for PS4, Forbidden Magna for 3DS… and many more."

For fans in Japan and fans who have ordered the game online (there’s still time if you want toorder a copy of any of the Japanese editions of HD 2.5), it is truly thrilling to know that in just a few days, the highly anticipated collection of games will be released.

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”play it!” they said.

“it’s a great game!” they said

but they didn’t say “you’ll get addicted to it, think about it all day long, read fanfictions, draw fanart, speak in quotes, buy merchandise, fall in love with a fictional character, have a otp, freak out it will destroy your life”


last night continued to play story mode in Ultimax but this time i finished up the P3 Story,got the True Ending in the P4 story and completed the DLC story so have now 100%ed story mode so starting today get to focus on re-learning the combat mechanics and everything so can actually do arcade mode and such well unlike story mode where the battles were so easy even on normal i never even had to restart despite me not re-learning battle mechanics besides in the DLC story..fighting the entity was a pain in that one lol.The P3 story was fun..while different i think in the end i enjoyed the P3 story more so then the P4 story..guess it was because got to see basically all the main P3 cast back together and with the return of Yukari and Junpei made the comedy on their end shine more then the P3 cast in Arena.the True End in the P4 story was kinda sorta the same but the party after the battle was fun ^^.then the DLC story…now that was interesting since got a totally different perspective of things and a not fully bright happy go lucky monologues.what did slightly bother me is the way the story ended made it seem like they might still continue the franchise somehow even if nothing big happens which will make it seem…kinda lame..

Attention all tamers: Until 10/18/2014 you can use a special Operation Decode coupon to preorder Digimon All Star-Rumble (PS3, Xbox 360) for 15% off from Bandai’s official web store. ASR releases on 11/11/2014 and was created in response to the Operation Decode petition to get Digimon games (primarily Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode for the Nintendo 3DS) localized again for western markets. ASR’s success is a necessary stop on the road to getting Re:Digitize and the upcoming Cyber Sleuth title, so if you can then try to pitch in and support the series. All-Star Rumble is currently preordering for $39.95, and the OPDECODE coupon will drop about $6 from that price.


so continued playing Ultimax and played it a lot last night to the point where i cleared the P4 Story at 94% and unlocked the P3 Story and considering got the free for 1 week DLC here in the US the DLC i don’t know the whole spectrum i can’t say to much about the storyline yet but from the P4 prespective it was pretty standard fare which is enjoyable but what you come to expect from a P4 story and as a continuation of Arena which while fun is making me look forward to starting the P3 story as will leave the DLC for last since wouldn’t have had it if not for the DLC so playing more vanilla first.of course the music towards the end of the story was fun since more P3 started and since that was less relevant in Arena that was special as well as the P3 locales like Club Escapade.