CLASSIC OF THE DAY: The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams 

The Glass Menagerie is a great domestic tragedy with three very distinctive characters—the strong, proud Amanda, the weak and innocent Laura, and the realistic dreamer, Tom. One finds in this play an elegiac portrait of misery, rather than a scalding enactment of taboo. There is no one tragic event here, but a general condition of pathos. Instead of a classic conflict, The Glass Managerie depicts a lack of cooperation. We find in the Wingfield home no crime, but a chronic, aching social and economic woe.

This archetypal modern family, the single-parent, broken home, implodes under its own grief and slow-moving, yet inexorable catastrophe. The reader/audience has an impending sense that the situation can never improve nor the relationships grow. There is no break in the clouds, no sun on the horizon. These characters are locked into their fates. Any recognition, peripatea, must inevitably lead not to hope and acceptance, but abandonment and dissolution.

If tragedy always documents a change, the only changes that can occur in The Glass Menagerie are hard-wired and inevitable: the escape of the son (imitating the absent father), the insitutionalization of the mentally ill sister, and the death of the aging and increasingly delusional mother. This pervading and gnawing sense of the Wingfields’ doom counters Mother Amanda’s brave and delusional hopes and optimism. Perhaps this collision of Amanda’s futile optimism and displaced gentility with the family’s sordid present constitutes the primary conflict in the play.

The final message of the memory play, although never stated, is that there is a price for Amanda’s brand of optimism. Living in one’s dreams can be dangerous. Like all perishable things, optimism can rot. Hope degrades to delusion and bitterness. Denial of reality ultimately is a death factor like denial of air.

by guest reviewer, Eric Jay Sonnenschein 

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Squadt Ver. 2.0 - Articulated arms

Ferg posted up a picture without any description earlier today via his twitter feed HERE… and in all honestly… no description is actually needed. There is that old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words" and in this case the photo speaks volumes, as it appears that Playge is working on multi-point articulation on the next iteration of their Squadt figure! This is pretty dope, and just looking at all the different rotation areas, this will totally make the playability/poseability of these figure so much greater! There is no word on a release, but Ferg tells us that this new body type will be on future qpmnt pacs and squadt releases… more details will be released at a later date.

"A LITTLE MISFORTUNE" blind box series 2 release info!!!

NEW POST: We have been teasing the impending release of Ferg’s “A LITTLE MISFORTUNE” Blind Box series 2… and today, today we got all the juicy details behind this rad looking series! These fantastic looking misfortune cat vinyl figures measure 2.5”-3” tall and will retail for $10 a blind box and will feature a whole slew of new colorways… and each case contains special pieces by @ChrisRyniak x Ferg… sweet!!! These are available now at most all vinyl retail shops worldwide… so, happy hunting!



Новый череп SQUBE от дизайнера Clay “Ferg” Ferguson. На этот раз - фиолетового цвета. Тираж 125 штук. Цена составит $55 включая доставку. Продажа состоится 29 апреля 12:00CDT на