Azula: *trying hard not to stare at boobs*

I love Tyzula too~
But meh, I’m afraid I can’t do ‘em justice, seems like my art block is still around ~_~

this is tangentially in response to a few asks i’ve gotten recently and also bc it’s my 10,000th post and i want to do something substantial so here are some collective thoughts on macdennis and what makes it such a fascinating ship and why it is so important to me

mac and dennis both are, like most of the other characters on sunny, the product of abusive households - in mac’s instance it was more a case of severe neglect on the part of his mom, plus his dad being a convicted felon and hence absent from his life in the worst way possible, while dennis was raised by at least one and arguably two severely sociopathic parents, one of whom would repeatedly emotionally torture him and his sister for fun while the other one gave him largely unwarranted praise in place of actual love - and you can see so much of their childhoods reflected in their current thirtysomething selves. dennis’s god complex and assumption that the world will cater to him but simultaneous inability to establish normal healthy emotional connections with almost anyone almost definitely comes from his weird cold calculated relationship with his mom, as well as from his having been present for her perpetual emotional battery of dee. mac’s need for attention stems from the lack of attention his mom gave him, his obsession with proving himself tough and intimidating and masculine is really a response to feelings of inadequacy re: being abandoned by his (very tough and intimidating) dad. basically between the two of them they’ve got mommy/daddy issues up the wazoo.

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You know what sounds like a lot of fun

That thing where you get in cosplay and use your own face as reaction images

With someone else who is also in cosplay

vampking-charmer asked:

*flashback before the mind control* Sander didn't like this. "Benny. I need you to promise me something important." The King stared to his lover from his place at his desk. He knew a certain demon was out to get him and if things went bad. Well he needed a plan B. "If anything was ever to happen to me. I need you to promise that until I recovered, if I could, you'd take my place temporarily or permanently. Just for precautionary measure."

*flashback* Benny’s eyebrows rose incredulously. “You want me t’ take your place as King until you c’n take it back? Seriously? T-There’s gotta be someone more qualified for this than me.”