De tanto falar , a gente cansa. E quando falar não adianta, a única coisa que a gente tem a fazer é escrever, e é isso que eu estou fazendo.
—  Rodrigo Lucena, Súbitos.

Here are MP3s of all of the PIW 2015 finals performances at the Dayton arena that my boyfriend put together using the videos from WGI Zone.
Feel free to download and share with all your friends!

welp! youtube videos i saw were made private, but i saved ‘em in time! haha here’s a dropbox link to the PIW finals performances this year, plus a couple videos from prelims in case you missed it (all multicam). still sad/mad/bitchin about how they didn’t film some of the best parts of some shows. GODDAMNIT CAMERA MEN GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER PIT IS PRETTY BUT YOU JUST MISSED A SICK VISUAL HOLY SHIT 


In case you didn’t hear, #RedlineReturned.

Couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.