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Movie Slate, who runs a theater in Ponyville
Fuselight, a handypony who can fix anything but his love life
Jade Shine, the mechanically inclined pegasi
Pirate Dash, whose puns make mine better by comparison
Backy, queen of butts
Discord Whooves, the grumpy Gallifreyan
Fluffle Puff, because reasons.

Artwork by CrisPokeFan
Script #1384


The world of movies (and comedy) will never be the same again.

This ingeniously creative man has left a legacy of great movies, great performances, and great characters, and in my humble opinion the best one of all is Mr. John Keating from “Dead Poets Society”.

This movie shows how a teacher’s passion for his job, which is to look after and nurture future generations of students to be the best they can be, can drive him to the highest peaks and the lowest of pitches, yet the ups and downs of life don’t make him enjoy the ride any less. Through the best and the worst, it’s the inspiration we give in others and the one that we get back what makes us keep going forward.

Very much like how Robin Williams inspired an entire generation of actors, artists, comedians, and people in general, always with that perennial smile on his face, and a joke in his pocket.

Thank you, you will always be remembered.

OOC - Featuring (from left to right): Fluffle Puff, Pun Pony, Serious Rainbow, Pika Petey, Pirate Dash, Backy.

'Blue' humor...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):...'BLUE BALLS'
  • Mary:Oh
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer):.......
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer):DOHOHOHO XD
  • Mary:my
  • Mary:Gosh
  • Mary:XD
  • Pencil Scratch:-10/10
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) shows self out
  • Pencil Scratch:asdfsd
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer):XDDDD
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer):PENCIL DONT EVEN
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer):THAT WAS A SOLID 10
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):Do I want to put that on PD Puns? XD
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer):As you wish xD
  • Pencil Scratch:it was an evil 10 nega 10
I'm lovin' it...
  • Scramjet:[8:44 AM] Violet Satin (Magic Rarity):
  • <<< They betrayed you?
  • They were supposed to be selling Lego Movie merch, but they weren't
  • Teej:Well all you can do Scram is just Lego that failed attempt and try again next time
  • Scramjet::/
  • Scramjet:punnnsssss
  • Teej:Yes
  • Luna Octavia (Raven Horn):Lego my Eggo?
  • Teej:Scram, when's the next time you're going to jet off to McDonalds?
  • Scramjet:Scramjet rolls around on the floor
  • Teej:Scram, when you go to McDonalds, do you usually put anything on your burger, or do you just get it plane?
  • Scramjet:I'm gonna hit you Teej >:/
  • Scramjet:You butt
  • Teej:LOL

Didn’t ye mommy ever tell ye to not mess with a mare that be in a mafia?

((Yes Vaudeville, didn’t your parents ever tell you that?  Now you and Pun gotta deal with the Golden Oaks Mafia.  I’m sure Another Twi and Lyin’ AJ will go easy on you.  Those are the exact words AJ said.

Also, a hat tip to ATS for taking my ‘grey matter’ pun and making it shorter and better ;3))

Dream's music tastes...
  • Mic Boom:Fuck
  • Mic Boom:It's snowing again
  • Ahmedz:gimme some snow
  • Mic Boom:Come take it
  • Mic Boom:All of it
  • Mic Boom:All 7 inches of it
  • Ahmedz:hawt
  • Mic Boom:No
  • Mic Boom:Quite the opposite actually
  • Ahmedz:cool
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ:whats cooler than bein cool
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ:ice cold!
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ:alrightalrightalrightalrightalright
  • Mic Boom:Dream
  • Mic Boom:Why would you do nonsense like that
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ:thats me
  • Mic Boom:It's no wonder you're an...
  • Mic Boom:Mic Boom puts on eyepatch
  • Mic Boom:...'OutKast'
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ:no
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ:B(
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom):I'm sorry, it was too perfect XD