\(言ω言)/ 幸せな誕生日, イギリス!

OMG it took me a week to draw, I’ve got a lot of problems and difficulties while I was drawing it. Colors, details, cultures, places and buildings confused me much, but I’m glad that I can finish it on time, yea a gift for my bae, Iggy <3

And there is a list of things that I have added in this art, from left to right:

_Buckingham Palace, Canterbury Cathedral, York Minster, England Lion Royal Symbol, Queen Crown, United Kingdom flag, England, The hat ( gentleman ), Shamerock ( St Patrick Saint ),  The pipe (Sherlock Holmes), British Garden Robin bird, Pirate ship, The witch ( Harry Potter), Flying fishes and fairies ( English’s ghost belief, fairies tales ), England flag, Pound symbol ( England’s monetary units ), London Eye, Big Ben, Wreaths and green cloth ( means Scarborough Fair and Greensleeves - two famous English folks ), Scones and Tea party, Cloud ( mean the gloomy and foggy weather of England ), London Bridge, Rose, Saint Paul Cathedral , 2 Floors Bus and Telephone Booth ( Doctor Who ), Toy Soldiers, Scottish Folk cat type, Fox Terrier dog type :D Well it was such a long list and I thought it killed me :D

Because of it took me a lot of time to draw, so don’t repost or use it without asking my permission, if you want to post it on your page, please tell me, I may have something to tell you before allow you to post it, thanks you!!


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