Opens Tonight, June 6, 6pm-12am:

 curated by Daniel Kingery

Kunsthalle Galapagos, 116 Main St., Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC

"This is an exhibition about looking. It’s about looking at ourselves, looking at others and how that affects the way we see the world. It’s about looking at art and the complicated and complicit relationship that this creates between ourselves, the work and the artist. It’s about desire, frustration, transparency and opacity."

Diana Artus, Barbar, Katie Cercone, Elly Clarke, Linda Franke, Delia Gonzalez, Jennifer Herrema, Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe, Daniel Kingery, Lisa Kingery,  Phuc Le, Mira O’Brien, Eva Maria Salvador, Andy Warhol

So I wrote a rap when I was up all night.

they’re white as snow, these sprinting sheep

three nights in a row, can’t catch no sleep

but i’m all about the paper so i stay in the sheets

my room cold as hell but i still got the heat

thursday night and i just wanna go home

this huge ass school and i still feel alone

am i really that messed up, it’s hard to say

work all the time but i really wanna play 

open my brain up and put the info in

i’m a nice guy but i aint no simpleton

Don’t care about these hos, i give them the cold shoulder

Cuz I like weird girls, scully not mulder

my eyes are hella shot like i’m loading up the gun

stayed up late and saw the rising of the sun

it’s a new day now so maybe i could have fun

Take me out the oven, i’m too hot—i’m done


Hope you guys caught it.